Toronto Raptors are freaked out by The Truth… Paul Pierce

TERRANCE GAVAN  – Editor, Blogger, Crap Journalist, and Idiot Savant

Full disclosure, I am a Celtics fan till I die. Thus I have kind of a love-hate relationship with The Truth right now. By the way, for those of you unaware of what’s going on with The Truth… it’s his nickname, Paul Pierce that is. If you did not know that… well, perhaps this is not for you… this column that is.

Anyway. When Paul was with the Celtics, along with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen? I loved him. Now? Not so much. Over the last two years Paul Pierce has singlehandedly removed the Toronto Raptors from the playoff picture… in the first round no less. With inferior teams. usa-today-8246407.0

Now I still love my Celtics, but I would be a creep of the highest magnitude if I also did not swerve a lot of love to my local NBA franchise. I live about 2.5 hours from where they play their home games. And I love how basketball has sparked Toronto’s central noivous system at Jurassic Park in the square there.

I love the theme sparklingly dabbled on the warm-ups of the Raptors… We The North! That’s beautiful. The fans are the envy of every franchise in the NBA. How do we know? Because TSN and ESPN talking heads are gushing out of every side of their yaps proclaiming Jurassic Park as the Mecca of basketball fandom.

Which is why I must write. The Raptors are not going to beat the Washington Wizards and it has nothing to do with their dearth of talent. No it has only to do with… The Truth.

Every Raptor player is afraid of The Truth and they are also afraid of the truth. That seems a tad redundant but it is not. Paul Pierce did it last year with the Brooklyn Nets and he’s doing it with Wizardry again this year. He’s quite simply in the heads of the Raptors.

And that’s the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, and god only knows, I’m hoping the Raps can figure a way to wash this man right outta’ their hair. But I fear it is too late. Down 2-0 in the series, they now head to Washington to play on the foreign court. Wizards’ supernova John Wall is the guy that the Raptors should have on their mind. He’s the real star on this team. But instead, the Raptors are ceasing / seizing upon The Truth as their priority. Look. Paul Pierce is as old as hades. He will get his points. Guard John Wall is the stick that stirs this lemonade.

Grabbing rebounds should be a priority. You know why Chicago won so many titles? Not only Mike Jordan and Scottie Pippin. It was Dennis Rodman. The worm was the best rebounder for his size in the NBA. And the best offensive rebounder too. The Raptors are not playing against The Worm. They are letting ordinary players walk in and dominate their defensive lane. And that’s a goddam killer. They did not play this way against the Wizards in the regular season. They ignored Paul Pierce in the regular season. They did their job. They protected the lane. The Raptors are better than they’re playing.

When that happens consistently in the playoffs it’s because a team is losing focus.

What the Raptors are doing is the same thing they did last year in their first round playoff loss to the Nets. They are watching Paul Pierce while letting every other aspect of their game go whizzing down the toilet in a Dyson-Vacuum like vortex.

And that had to stop before game one. It did not. Blame the coach? Yes. But blame the players. Paul Pierce is a relic. But if you treat him like he matters? Guess what? He’s no longer a relic. He throws his walker away. He becomes a force of truth! Bah… Humbug!

It’s too bad that the Raptors managed to draw Pierce two years running. But it’s their fault entirely that they’re letting him into their heads.

And that’s The Truth…

And that’s the truth!