Mike Duffy

Senator Mike Duffy has been telling Canadians to just go fock yourself for years… we just haven’t listened

The fault lies not in our stars but in our complacence people… The Canadian Senate is an entitlement bastard and we’re its vaunted bitches

Terrance Gavan – Idiot Savant, Blogger and Crap Journalist

Douglas Martin Hogg, 3rd Viscount HailshamPC, QC (born 5 February 1945) is a British politician and barrister. A member of theConservative Party, he served in the Cabinet as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from 1995 to 1997, and was a Member of Parliament (MP) from 1979 to 2010. When the Daily Telegraph in 2009 exposed that Hogg had claimed upwards of £2,000 of taxpayers’ money for the purposes of cleaning the moat around his country estate, Kettlethorpe Hall, he became one of the most prominent illustrations used by the media to portray the extent of the expenses scandal, though Hogg always maintained that the allegation was untrue. As a result of the negative publicity, Hogg did not seek re-election at the 2010 general election. (Please note that when your name Hogg and you are charged with eliciting funds from the Pork Barrel… you deserve whatever the fuck you got!)

We can be thankful, I guess, that Mike Duffy has no castle.

Why do we hearken Hogg here? Because it’s part of a ritual of entitlement in western democracies. Absolute power corrupts. In this case it corrupts governments and leaders  to bestow certain benefits to certain privileged classes. Canadians are mad. Know how I know they’re mad. Because I’m a goddam blogger and I keep my nose to the giant hamster wheel that supplies shite and contagion to the Internet.

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Just a gratuitous picture of a fascist in action. No comparison mind. Just an ironic reminder that we are responsible for the choices we make. This guy was a real shit!

Just a gratuitous picture of a fascist in action. No comparison mind. Just an ironic reminder that we are responsible for the choices we make. This guy was a real shit!

This obtuseness emanating from the Canadian Senate right now is as dark as the sludge that British taxpayers pulled from the hoary moat of one Doug Hogg. Let us regain some perspective here. The fault lies at our feet. Yes, us. We have remained mute too long. We allow governments to settle in like pigs at the trough. Wallowing in the power of their privilege.

It quite simply needs to stop. The blame lies at the foot of the crown. And right now it’s our prime minister who should bear the brunt of this largess. The largess being the amok-running of subordinates who feed at the bloated teat of the PMO.

The Prime Ministers Office was not a thing before Pierre Elliot Himself turned it into a raucous circus of privilege. Oh there were others before PET who tried to cement that office with the rights and wages of an autocratic elite. But their efforts were lame compared to the shit that ran weeping down the legs of parliament hill back in the 70s.

At least, we might say, the PMO back in Trudeau’s time was filled with intellectuals. It started as a think tank. After the Trudeau era it became what it is today. A room full of egocentric frat boyz, with not much on their minds, except how better to curry favor with the latest version of Jimmy Hoffa in situ as the Canadian prime minister. We can say that Stephen Harper has managed to lay the groundwork for a PMO that hums like a well-greased pork hock roiling on a spit.

There is nothing in this Mike Duffy affair that does not reek of the soiled linen of a PMO shit-kick. Nigel Wright is the cog in this driving wheel and yet we are no-nay-never-no-never-no-more going to hear from him. Like a good soldier he was first out of the trench and he took one for the team. That is the new government of Canada. I’m not blaming Trudeau and Pitfield and those thinkers of the 70s. I am blaming Stephen Harper, because he’s the guy what’s running this elitist glory hole now.

Anytime you run a shadow group that oversees an elected body and every time you put suppression on that elected body… you are working to undermine the democracy of the country. Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright are bit players. They are the plumbers in The Watergate. They put the duct tape on the doors. What we have at hand in this melodramatic ce soir panning out Canada-wide from an Ottawa courtroom is the crux of the problem.

Privilege reigns. And it invests in one man. Who doles it out. It was not always thus. The prime minister was once a dreamer. He probably read Plato. He may have read Proust. He coulda’ been a contendah! Stellah!!!!!

But alas… ’twas never to be… Stephen Harper. That other schmuck who penned things noble fell like The Prince to a bonfire of his own vanities.

“As Postmedia’s Randy Boswell reported a few days ago, Flanagan and Harper published a long essay about the state of Canadian politics and governance in a conservative magazine. It was late 1996. And the authors were as unsparing in their criticism as they were daring in their proposals for reform.

“Although we like to think of ourselves as living in a mature democracy, we live, instead, in something little better than a benign dictatorship, not under a strict one-party rule, but under a one-party-plus system beset by the factionalism, regionalism and cronyism that accompany any such system.” Its embodiment is the Liberal party. “It is a true centre party, comparable to the Christian Democrats in Italy, the Liberal Democrats in Japan, and Congress in India, standing for nothing very definite but prevailing against a splintered opposition,” Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan wrote. “It avoids ideological commitments and brings together people simply interested in exercising power and dispensing patronage.”

(From Dan Gardner: http://www.dangardner.ca/articles/item/151-stephen-harper-condemns-stephen-harper )

We only need to go back a fraction to view how idealistic fervor and shit splatters against the fan of privilege.

It’s time to say fuck Stephen Harper. Get rid of that PMO and begin again.

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