Neil Young accepted my friend request on Facebook.

Yes I am friends with Neil on the Facebook. Aha!

Yes I am friends with Neil on the Facebook. Aha!

I have no idea if this grand gesture can be attributed to the large number of Canadian musicians currently residing on my Facebook. Or whether Neil Young is not really, y’know, Neil Young.

Aha, you may ask, (although aha is not usually an interrogatory) what the hell does that mean?

If you perchance asked yourself that question you have just identified yourself as a social media outcast. You reside in some uneasy place, apart from the zeitgeist, and far away from the meme culture.

I envy you. You are a lone wolf. You peddle your own bicycle. It has a bell, a basket and ordinary pedals with only one gear. You walk uphill. Beside your bike. With your groceries in your basket and perhaps a golden lab trodding patiently beside you.

You, dear reader should just ignore what comes next. And read Jung or Kierkegaard or go off for a gambol in a field of sunflowers.

Back to the nuance of the Facebook for a bit.

A lot of people dress up as other people on the Facebook. I have two identities myself. One is a nom de plume who resides on the Facebook as Seamus O’Bradaigh. The other is just plain old Terrance Gavan. I seldom use Terrance Gavan. Terrance Gavan is a boring meme. A shadow of his former self. His former self, prior to his sobriety date on March 20, 1998, being a rather loathsome caricature known for some loutish, boorish and rather uncompromising behavior. A classic alcoholic in other words.

I have, since 1998, reclaimed Terrance’s reputation. I run a business now. I work as a ski instructor and I have several websites where I send clients. So Terrance Gavan on the Facebook is more of a destination.

Seamus O’Bradaigh is a writer’s place. Where I get to place words like fuck and shit and goddamit. I get to condemn right wing politics and I send my posts there. I can be me there.

Seamus also has a lot of Canadian musicians as friends. I believe this is due to the fact that Terrance Gavan actually knows a few people in the Canadian music industry. David Gavan Baxter, Shari Ulrich and a few musicians I have befriended over the years in bars and speakeasies and folk festivals. David Gavan Baxter is a cousin who won a Juno Award with his ex-wife and writing partner Sherry Kean.

So Neil Young may have accepted my request as a result of my bona fides with the Toronto music scene.

Or, and this is more likely, Neil Young is not really Neil Young. He might be a fan. He may think that it’s cool to inhabit an identity vicariously. Maybe he fell in love with Neil’s music at a concert back in 1972 at the Ottawa Civic Centre, home of the Ottawa 67s.

Anyway. I have no idea if it’s the real Neil… the real deal as it were.

What I do know… for sure… is that Seamus O’Bradaigh is friends with a rock n’ roll legend. An icon. A Canadian treasure.

So, dear friends.

What did you do this weekend?

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