If you run a Facebook page and get in someone’s face? You own it… Slap suits are for sissies!


By Chad Ingram: Minden Times:

“Minden Hills resident Richard Bradley says he plans to sue Reeve Barb Reid for libel and slander. On Canada Day, Bradley captured video of Reid giving him the finger during Minden’s downtown festivities and sent images to local media. Reid, who subsequently apologized to the community, has accused Bradley of harassment and stalking. On Monday, July 14, Bradley told the paper he’d delivered two letters to the Minden Hills township office – one addressed to Reid, one to township CAO Lorrie Blanchard – giving the reeve and the township notification of his intention to take legal action.

“I hereby provide notice that as a result of your behaviour July 1, 2014 when you directed an obscene gesture at me and told me to “fuck off”, as well as the subsequent allegations you have made about me in writing and on CHEX TV news accusing me of stalking, harassing and bullying you, specifically but not exclusively, that I will be pursuing legal action under the Ontario Libel and Slander Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter L.12 and that you will be named as a defendant,” Bradley wrote in the letter to Reid.


Mr. Bradley should take a look at this picture before heading to slapsuit court. I know a couple of judges who might consider that Mr. Bradley is not out on a nature stroll. (Thank you to the anonymous donor who so kindly sent me this picture!) By the way Richard. You need a bigger blind, need to ditch the red shirt and maybe get yourself a bigger f&%$ing lens. Just sayin!

Mr. Bradley should take a look at this picture before heading to slapsuit court. I know a couple of judges who might consider that Mr. Bradley is not out on a nature stroll. (Thank you to the anonymous donor who so kindly sent me this picture!)
By the way Richard. You need a bigger blind, need to ditch the red shirt and maybe get yourself a bigger f&%$ing lens. Just sayin!

Here’s the deal Mr. Richard Bradley whoever you are. I have been to your facebook page. I hear it’s yours anyway.

And I’m getting it from sources who have not received a letter from your lawyers. So I am guessing that you are copesetic with it.

Here’s what you put on your Facebook page. It’s called Minden Hills Municipal Politics for the edification of people who can’t find it. Here’s what it says:

Newspaper Articles, Headlines, Letters to the Editor, Minutes, Pictures, Videos…anything that relates to Municipal Politics in Minden Hills, Ontario.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

***Disclaimer: The Administrators of this Group are not responsible for the accuracy of the comments posted by others and in no way mean to imply that any comments are in any way factual or a representation of the opinions of the Group Administrators.** (Editors Note: Jeezus H Christ… Not responsible for the accuracy of the comments or posts? Why not just change your name to O’Reilly and apply for a job at Fox News? This is horrendous stuff emanating from a guy who is suing Minden Reeve Barb Reid for offering her own opinion of your questionable hobby.)

Hey Bradley! Here’s my take on your site. It’s a handy cudgel for the anonymous shites of Minden et al to thumb their nose at council. It’s a paparazzi jungle filled with guerilla newsies driven by an agenda and custom made to stir shit. And you have conveniently stated to all and sundry that anonymity and bullshit is an integral part of your agenda.

[pullquote cite=”From the Bradley Facebook Page” type=”left, right”]PS a post from Andrew Meek on Bradley’s Facebook Page goes unanswered: “So from my understanding, this page is owned by Richard Bradley as mentioned in The Minden Times (mindentimes.ca) last week. My question to Richard is why he is trying to hide that fact when it’s clear he is the one posting to this page? Are you purposefully trying to mislead people into thinking this page is unbiased, independent media?” Good Question Mr. Meek.[/pullquote]


[highlight type=”standard, dark”]And? Really Richard? Suing is for sissies. I have been taking pictures for years as a real journalist. And I have covered court, Prime Ministers, accused politicians on perp walks, accidents, fires and people in compromising positions. I was getting paid for it. I derived no fun from it. I never indulged in peek-a-boo dawn attacks and I never stalked a person in search of a compromising photo![/highlight]


Regardless. I took a lot of shit from people who did not like having their moment of fear, sorrow, embarrassment or corruption recorded for the edification of the readers of my publications. It was my job. And I was accused of a lot more than stalking. I was threatened and I had a nice Minolta shoved in my face at a trial appearance of a nice man doing life in the Stony Mountain Penitentiary. So fuck your wee horror story. I got no time for small time self-aggrandizers who seek refuge from the courts because they feel it’s their god given right to meddle in small town politics for cheap thrills. Here’s my question Richard. Why are you taking pictures of Barb Reid?

Don’t tell me you were chasing ducks and oops, you stumbled into a Barb Reid moment. I don’t believe it and most sane people in Minden don’t believe it. If I was Barb Reid I’d shove that law suit right back into your court. With the velocity and mean freak retribution of a Milos Raonic serve. With malice.

By the way and Jeezuz, Richard. If that’s all you can muster in the way of a catchy Facebook header? Then why bother? Seriously. The page is dull, the content is non-existent and your best news thread came when you elicited a middle finger salute from the Reeve, Barb Reid. Again, let’s just visit… for the edification of the people who aren’t following your wee shit  shilly-shally into the obtuse… what’s goins’ on with youse and Barb.

By Chad Ingram: Minden Times:

Reid confirmed that she had received Bradley’s notice and told the paper she is prepared to go to court if Bradley does proceed with legal action.
“This is a notice of intention to begin legal proceedings against me and he has three months to do this,” Reid wrote in an email. “If, in fact, he does actually bring legal proceedings against me, I will respond accordingly and vigorously defend all accusations.”

In explaining her actions on Canada Day, Reid told the paper that “the stress of [Bradley’s] harassment got to me that morning. Mr. Bradley has been harassing me for more than four years now and stalking me with his camera.”

Here’s what I would have done Richard… if you had popped up at my party or in my backyard to snap a picture without my permission.

I not only would have given you the finger but I would have chased you down and shoved that middle finger, index finger and baby finger up your left nostril; and then? I would have used my thumb for insertion in that place where the moon never shines. Read the rules Bradley. People have the right to privacy and your enchanted auto-erotic fixation with gotcha photography does not trump a citizen’s right to privacy. Why do you think real photographers and real journalists ask people at a buffet or picnic if it’s all right to publish their photos. I take photos for high school sports and we need permission from parents to publish those photos. So all that shit you spout about your right to take shots willy nilly? Is fucking crap.

If you want to take pictures of people? And you’re not doing it for money? And you ain’t got insurance? Then you got to find another line of work. Preferably one which does not include the solicitation of anonymous commentary on a Facebook page which advertises itself as a resting place for gossip, innuendo and bullshit, riding the coattails of a rider that says the moderator does not give a farthing’s fuck if the content is true or not.

Hiding behind riders is a coward’s gambit Mr. Bradley. The people of Minden don’t need a whack-a-mole loose cannon flitting and flouncing his Fuji to realize that Minden Council is dysfunctional. They don’t need you Bradley. They get it. You only serve to obfuscate and exacerbate an already unwieldy situation.

I’d call you a news-baiting paparazzi but real paparazzi can focus a fucking camera. I mean really Richard. Buy a fucking point and shoot. Or hire a nine year old with steady hands.

Nope. You’re just a gossip monger.

And worse that that.

You are a monumental and fraudulent wanna-be.

An over excited bed-wetter.

A coquette looking for some time in the spotlight.

Here’s the thing Bradley.

When you put yourself in the spotlight you are subject to the same amount of scrutiny that you project upon others.

So why not be a nice little boy.

Take your camera. Buy a 300 telephoto lens and start taking pictures of the pretty birds.

You are clearly out of your depth of field in the junk news department.

Aside from that?

Whining is quite boring old chap!

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