World Cup Opening Day and it’s time to disregard the Brazilian Favellas

Who gives a bloody fart about the poor? Not Brazil, Not FIFA and not us! 


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The World Cup is here and Brazil is in full bloom. Strikes that might have been are not and the overwhelming coverage of the mess that is Rio’s suburbs – the numerous dishevelled Favellas – will now fade into some indistinct melange of “over there” or “up on the hills.”

The sheer lunacy behind a World Cup can best be described as an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by the sheer religious fervor that surrounds this once in four year event. Because you see… even in the Favellas, Brazil’s wretched poor will rejoice. Because Roman Catholicism, with all of its great wealth and splendour and promise of hope, faith and salvation, cannot usurp the sheer will and dominance of football in Brazil. It is the religion. It has always been thus.

In times of great need, the masses will unite to common goals. It matters not the circumstance. The idea that one could rise from the ugliness of a Favella to become the next Pele is as real as a Canadian trailer park denizen clutching to their Super Lotto ticket on any given Friday.

It’s why idiots like Kevin O’Leary can continue to churn money from the public broadcaster advocating for the abolition of unions, the need for unfettered capitalism and the niceness of greed. Ever wonder why arseholes like O’Leary can snag jobs in broadcasting they don’t need? Why an arsehole like O’Leery (sic) can espouse policies that advocate against the poor? How he can deride social policy necessary to the welfare of the working and non-working poor? While developing a rabid following among the working poor and the non-existent middle class? It’s because we all have religion.

The middle class worldwide have succumbed to the anti-union rhetoric of the favoured few, who profess to offer capitalism as the end to all woes. When all scientific and economic studies show that we are becoming more feudal and less egalitarian. When the middle class is disappearing. When Brazilians are living in hovels while the world rushes in to fork tens of thousands of dollars to watch a football match.

It’s unseemly that Brazil would spend $250 million on a soccer facility that is mainly unserved by road. It is absolutely absurd that the Brazilian government has spent the last two years laying down suppressive fire on the Favellas that surround Rio. But it’s not unusual. China removed the poor in their host cities to outlying outposts for the duration of the games.

The world still went.

In Qatar, where FIFA has scheduled the 2022 Football World Cup, the stadia are being built with slave labor. The imported labourers are even now being sent home in body bags, some without their passports because? Well, because the workers have their documentation taken when they enter the worksite. They cannot leave Qatar. It is estimated that 4000 workers will perish in the runup to the 2022 World Cup. FIFA and its president, Sepp Blatter, are fighting corruption charges. They have been facing corruption charges since their inception. The biggest corruption is innate.

They are listed as a non-profit. They are not taxed. They provide no succour for the poor in Brazil’s Favellas. They will ignore the body bags and slavery going on in Qatar. They are an NGO with a billion bucks in the bank.

This is the World Cup. This is the world’s biggest hard on.

This is where arseholes like Kevin O’Leary make their hay while the sun shines.

This is where the poor come to die. In search of a unionless job. To feed their families.

Because. Of course.

Unions are counterproductive.


Because they are corrupt. Ask your neighbour. Ask that person about how corrupt teacher’s unions are.

You will get an earful.

Because that person is working for $12 an hour, without vacation or sick days. They get 24 hours a week and are promised no job security. Sometimes they are abused by their employers. I have been abused by employers and been called out by colleagues because I went to the labor Board. We live in fear. And employers know it.

My former colleagues? They still hate unions. Ever wonder why they can detail every sick day a teacher they knew took? But they think Wall Street is pushing their job security? That’s because they’re stupid. They have fallen for the big lie. Unions are corrupt and capitalists like Kevin O’Leary are job makers. Sorry. Hedge funds do not drive capital or jobs. They make other rich guys richer. That’s corruption.

Why? Why do we believe the shit shineola?

For the same reason guys like Sepp Blatter and Kevin O’Leary are resting their big fat arses on oodles of your bucks.

Because they make the Kool Aid.

And we’re all stupid enough to believe that they just turned water into wine.

Well, Fuck Kevin O’Leary. Fuck The World Cup and Fuck Sepp Blatter.


Where’s that goddam remote?

I got some soccer to watch!


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