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Ontario Leaders Debate – Dale Carnegie anyone? Anyone?

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How not to win friends and influence voters… hmmm

Terrance Gavan – Shrike Political Editor

I won’t go through the Ontario want-tabe’ leader debate. You may read that blow by blow anywhere.

Yahoo News Canada pundits all concurred. Timmy Hudak won the debate. Tom Blink, Andy Radia and Matty Coutts all lined up with Hudak. Blink’s badoink is below along with some pulls from the other two.

[pullquote cite=”Mr. WordPress” type=”left, right”]Thomas Bink: I’ll say Tim Hudak won. Granted, I don’t think he came off any less smarmy and his folksy tone got a little old, but he made the strongest points throughout the debate. Wynne was just tap-dancing on a hotplate the whole time, she just proved that the Liberals have been in power too long. I was hoping to like Andrea Horwath, but when she wasn’t in “Steeltown Scrapper” mode, she was promising everything under the sun, which I don’t think is realistic. I’m not convinced the Conservatives will make the best government, but I think Hudak was the clear winner in the debate.

Andy Radia: I don’t think there was a clear winner but I’ll give my nod to Tim Hudak as well. He was poised and polished and had some good shots against Wynne with regard to the gas plant scandal. 

Matthew Coutts: Tim Hudak won, but that can be attributed almost as much to Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath going out of their way to appear uncomfortable and unprepared as it can his own performance. [/pullquote]

And Coutts was bang on. We were collectively shocked and surprised in the newsroom last night. All three leaders looked uncomfortable on stage. Not one of the three leaders, Kate Wynne, Andy Horwath or Hudak looked even vaguely prime ministerial.

Hudak even pointed out just how uncomfortable public gatherings were for him. He danced around the perimeter of his Harper like rigidity and lack of poise in a self-deprecating chirp at the very beginning of the debate. Wynne looked flustered and Horwath was tripping over her words.

Now probably because of his off the cuff weaknesses, Mr. Hudak was the best prepared of the three. He was well-schooled by his team. And he added that all-important first person cutesy-pie thing that all of the American presidential candidates rely on to make them look more human.

Anecdotal stories about hard working people, the fireman who saved the child, his dad who told him about birds, bees and killing trees. Oops, my orange is showing. Now we all know this ploy for what it is. A grasping attempt to present as homespun or even folksy. Hudak went to that well three times and left the other two women in his dust.

Aside from that?

Pretty well a mud slinging debacle. Mr. Hudak was never asked where he was getting the million jobs. Then he went on to guarantee that if elected he would gladly resign if and when his jobs promise for some crazy reason went pear shaped.

Now. Really Ontario? If you believe that piece of horse hockey? You should find yourself a Rabbi!

Horwath started to warm to the fight about half way into it. Wynne? Well Wynne was unprepared for her 2.5 minute summation, making Hudak’s promise not to use it look like a stroke of genius.

Wynne and Horwath both stumbled through their closing like lumberjacks on 200 proof apple cider.

Look. Team Wynne and Team Horwath. The closing two minutes should never be left up to the candidates discretion.

I have no idea who’s planning strategy for Team Red and Team Orange? But they should be taken back of the woodshed for that lack of foresight.

Hudak was drilled. He was boring because he is boring. And yes he dwelt waaay too long on the Liberal’s scandal-ridden reign.

But no question.

He was the hands down winner.

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