Nigel Wright left unprosecuted because he had evidence of Prime Minister’s consent


If it looks like a lie? If it talks like a lie? If it twitches like a lie? If it’s repeated ad nauseum, ad hoc and ad infinitum from the malignant blowhole of an disgracefully pandering politician?

Then it’s a lie. It’s probably a fucking big lie.

Does anyone recall prime Minster Stephen Harper’s unending and oft-repeated harangues to opposition leaders Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau during the Duffy inquiry, a very public, quite excoriating review of the PMO’s actions in the throes of the Senate spending scandal.

Daily, Mr. Harper would rise, undo his buttons, do up his buttons, undo his buttons, do up his buttons before depositing his former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright unceremoniously under the wheels of the #4 Bronson bus.

I will not presume to relay what could and could not have been done, legally, to Mr. Wright. here’s what the Hill Times reported in Early June.