Novak Djokovic thrills Roland Garros during rain delay chat with ballboy

Joker finds a way to win and have fun doing it…


It would seem that Novak Djokovic is fairly confident about his chances against Rafa Nadal at the French Open this year.

Leave aside for a moment the fact that Novak has outdueled the Spaniard in their last four meetings. Ignore Rafa’s preeminence on the red clay of Paris for another minute. And try to forget that Nadal has lost but one set i his past nine French Opens.

And remember that Novak is hands down the best tennis player on the circuit today. He’s better than Roger Fed and he’s better than Andy Murray. He’s beaten Rafa on Clay this year. He has won every grand slam except for the French. And he wants this grand slam.

This year could be his year. And World Tennis is hoping and praying that someone, anyone will spank the Spaniard hard this year. Rafa’s high wire act on the red stuff at Garros is somewhat perplexing. He is the overlord of the terre battue and quite frankly? It’s bloody boring.

The world needs a Rafa beat down. And since Djokovic is one of the nicest and funniest men on the tour? Why not Joker?

I watched this little YouTube video live today. Novak, unlike stolid and dour faced Rafa, has a knack of bringing some humanity to the game.

In short he’s a ham.

And I don’t think the world would mind if the Joker usurped the Clay Prince this once… this year.

Enjoy the video. The best part of this exchange occurred right after when Djokovic asked his opponent Sousa if he wanted to get on with the match in the slowing drizzle.

And they did just that. They popped off the benches and strode to the baselines and began the match again without permission from the chair or the tournament referee who was on court to supervise the rain delay.