Koch Brothers in the business of buying elections… thank you Supreme Court


While most of the world is trying to figure out how to keep money out of political campaigns?

North America, led by the US Supreme Court,  followed closely by the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the PMO, are attempting to entrench the notion that corporations are people.

A business is not a person, so why would the Supreme Court court such a ridiculous notion?

Because people can contribute to political campaigns and businesses can’t.

Yes it’s as simple as that. Make a business a person? And that person can submit any amount of cash that it wants to get someone elected. Super Pacs are the most heinous grab at meritocracy since the French gave Quebec seigneuries. It’s such a godalmighty step backward into redundancy that it makes one wonder how the Supreme Court arrived at such an fucked up conclusion.

Simple really. They were bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. The Koch brothers don’t like democracy. Why? Because it gets in the way of profits. Just like slavery. Remember slavery? That’s where wealthy men (sorry ladies) bought labor for nothing. And sold it in the form of cotton for huge profits.

No different than what the Koch brothers are doing today. The neat part? Is that the Koch brothers don’t have to carry a whip. They don’t need slave collars. They don’t get their hands dirty with the details. They hire surrogates who get elected to congress and the Supreme Court and one day the presidency. The surrogates then run around saying “yes massa’ what’s can ah do for you today massah!”

The Koch brothers want their businesses to run smoothly. Like a well-oiled widget… or congressman. Take oil. Segue ba-boom! It’s way easier to frack and frick all over North America if you ain’t got laws governing the production of such stuff. Labor? Well, labor is a lot cheaper if you shut down the unions. Energy? Is a lot easier to get when it is unregulated. Profits? A lot easier to double and triple them if you have access to Wall Street hedge funds and banks that could not give a shit about people.

Wait. Merrill Lynch does care about people. Now that the Supreme Brotherhood of the court of Koch has stepped in? The people Merrill Lynch cares about is other people with big corporate names. Like the Koch Brothers people. Koch Industries.

How about us people? You know. You and me? You and I? Fuck. Need Chicago Style.

Sorry people.

Some people just count more… than other people. Like slavery. You remember slavery? It’s where some people are people. Other people aren’t really people. They are two-thirds people. That’s us. We get to vote though? Of course. Ypou get to vote for the people that are bought by the real people. You know the real people? Those people with the last name INC. Or CO. Or IND. Yes they all have short names don’t they?

Makes them easier to spot when taking the roll. Of Yays and nays. You know. Like voting. Remember voting. It’s something the people like you and me (you and I) had back when we had slavery. You remember slavery? ended when people took a vote. back then things like plantations did not have votes. You remember plantations? They were abolished when people voted. Then fought against slavery. You remember slavery? It ended when slaves got to vote.

Now who gets to vote more than most people? The people with the short names. Why? Because money buys the real votes. The real votes? Yes. Those people with first names like Representative or Congressman or senator or Member or Right Honorable. Who are they?

Slaves. You remember slavery?

I thought you did.

We work for the one percent!

Truth to Power! Speak out against money in politics.