Two falls with different outcomes… aidez moi? Help Me?


Have you seen a man lying in the street?

What have you done?

If your answer is nothing? You might want to watch this video.

We start with a young man suffering a catastrophic fall on a busy street. The young man is wearing a hoodie and a toque. He could be homeless.

The young man was completely ignored for the duration of his stay on the pavement while calling out to passers by: “Aidez Moi!”

The reactions might or might not surprise you. They surprised me. Because I saw a man on the street in Toronto recently. And people, thousands of people were stepping over him. Literally. At rush hour. In downtown Toronto.

Did I stop? Of course I stopped. The man was a derelict. He was drunk and he was unwell. I got him up. And I asked him what he needed. He didn’t say much. But we moved far enough to get him a spot on a bench. And I got a thanks. And some strange looks from the Toronto rush hour mob.

I smiled keenly at one dude who was in a suit and tie. He was shaking his head. I have no idea if he was shaking his head at me or the man.

I looked at him and waved. “I’m from out of town… where I’m from?… we don’t leave people on the street.”

He smiled and said, “whatever, guy.”

Well back to the video. And the same guy dressed in a suit and tie and he falls, just like the first time.

The young man is damn near assaulted by seven people coming immediately to his aid.

And he did not have time to get the first “aidez moi’ out of his mouth.

It’s peculiar.

We’re peculiar.