Don Sterling

The idiot savant slumlord Donald Sterling… who knew?


No one should confuse the remarks Donald Sterling made about the merits of Instagram selfies to his mistress as the idle meanders and addled remonstrations of a crackpot.

Donald Sterling is not unlike a lot of older people in North America.

Sterling, unlike the hidden racists among us, is  just too fucking stupid to know that ancient farts with gloomy ideas should just nod silently and keep their fucking mouths shut.

I am of an age where I know that my Uncle St. John deMarquis was a pukkah racist.

He made jokes about Pakistani cab drivers that I can recite to this day.

I have a friend who has a great-uncle who called everyone of Asian descent that he met… fucking Nips. Only after they were out of earshot.

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donald sterling

Clippers retire Don Sterling’s jersey!

I know a lot of people who have several different epithets for Five Nations people in Canada. You may go ahead and recite now… I know you can. Please do not say them aloud.

I have a list as long as my arm of people I know that use the word Nigger but they are not discriminatory with the word. Arabs are sand-niggers. Blacks are your garden variety niggers. And Irish (people of my tribe) are white niggers. Rick Perry was running for president several years back. His family owned an old plantation turned hunt camp called Niggerhead.

These people have some things in common. They were raised that way. Uncle St. Jean was a lieutenant colonel with the British occupying force in India. You know before Gandhi rolled in from Johannesburg.

My friends great uncle fought at Guadalcanal and apparently had a few bad experiences with some of the Japanese occupying forces.

Rick Perry’s family live in Texas. And if you think that Texas is a hotbed of conciliatory democracy? Well, you’re just fucking stupid.

And as for the word Nigger itself? It’s reprehensible. But it should never be held in awe. Calling it the “n” word is a copout. It lets the real racists hide. Here’s what I heard once while reporting about a blatant display of racism at a kids hockey game in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The report said: “A member of this team used the n-word while addressing a member of that team.”

Here’s how it should have read.

“Peterborough forward, Chuck Ebony called Bobcaygeon forward Sam Brown a nigger during a shift change! Bobcaygeon coach Rick Zamboni immediately pulled his team off the ice in protest. Because the referee, Charles Gantry refused to charge Chuck Ebony with a game  misconduct, which was well within his purview as a game official.”

That’s how you deal with racism. You call stupid people on their ignorance. You do not sugarcoat their transgressions. We have known about the slumlord Donald Sterling for a long long time. But because he was a rich asshole the NBA put up with his dawdles and transgressions. Ethically speaking? Donald Sterling should never have been granted ownership of an NBA franchise. But the rich dicks and owners (yes Mark Cuban you too you hypocrite!) gave him the nod because he was goddam rich!

So. Now? He was outed. Don Sterling was banned for life from the NBA. And he didn’t have to use the n word. He is not the worst racist. He is the best racist. Because at least he’s a stupid racist. We all know where Donald’s rubber hits the road. He a harmless doddering old senile bastard.

Donald Sterling is just low hanging fruit. If you actually listened to that mindless and dyspeptic grunt and rumble you will perhaps have garnered from it that Sterling is shading a tad downwind of compos mentis.

He’s just as stupid as a bag of hammers. Racists are stupid. They lack the intelligence borne of empathy. I get push back from people on this point.

“Look, they can’t be that stupid… they’re rich.” I was on a labour dispute with what used to be a coterie friends of mine who said that about management. That’s where we are today. We let rich people get away with idiotic comments because we assume they’re intelligent.

Donald Sterling is not the exception that proves the rule. He is the rule. Donald Sterling is a slumlord. Let’s digest that first.

That’s how he got rich. He got rich selling shoddy rental property to poor people. Then he went a step further. He overcharged those people and then he chose to ignore the infrastructure. He has, like all slumlords, killed people with neglect. Ipso facto Donald Sterling is a murderer.

And that’s all we need to know about Donald Sterling.

He’s a fucking crook with a warped sense of humanity and a non-extant sense of ethics.


He is not the exception.

He is more likely the rule.

We just have to look at the Supreme Court of the United States and their willingness to declare war on anti-bigotry legislation to realize that we are a thin edge of a wedge away from pogrom!

So fuck Donald Sterling. He’s just one of the stupid rednecks wearin’ the white bedsheets in the back of the Ford 150 pickup.

Time to take a closer look at the guys in the black robes of the judiciary up in the front who are driving that four-wheel bitch!

Those guys in the black robes. Up in the Supreme Court!

They’re the ones who pose the real problem. They’re the ones undoing what MLK and Jackie Robinson fought their whole lives to do.

Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet America.

You just caught the arsehole on the top of the iceberg.

Low hangin’ fruit.