Mayor Rob Ford has decided to take a break from the grind… we’re cracking up… limericks


On 28 days in a Norwegian sanitorium!

There was a fat old mare name Rob Ford

Who was, it was said, easily bored

He tripped on his pipe

and with howls of delight

said “I’m off now to find my fjiord”


Nonsense limerick about a Man in His Cups

Rob Ford is one fuck of a  mayor

Who leaves Toronto in grave disrepair

“After all that I’ve done…

“They want me out on my bum

“Oh shit… now I’ve tripped… down the stairs!”


Ain’t goin to rehab… I said no no… maybe!

What’s this in my pipe? Is it crack?

I can’t remember…  I woke up in some shack

And drove my Escalade home

Who’s writing these poems?

Oh fuck… now it’s starting to come back!