Climate change means Canada must own zero tolerance … close tar sands development

Time to make Fort Mac a ghost town

terrance gavan – crap journalist

Greenland is melting. And NASA reports (Vis: Years of Living Dangerously) that within our lifetime, weather in Fargo, North Dakota will equivocate to summer norms that are now seen in Phoenix, Arizona.

And that’s not good.

I know some reasonably intelligent people who still believe that this relentless and foreboding change in climate is just part of a natural process.

They completely disavow the testimony of scientists and yes, even NASA, in favor of some bupkis about natural cycles. There was a time when I thought these people were simply using contrariety to bait me into an argument. But. No. There are smart people up here in Canada who really believe that man is not harming the planet.

If you are a smart person living in Canada and affirm that climate change is just a hoax? Then I bring you Plainview, Texas. Where drought has sunk in over the last five years. It led to the closing of a beef plant and the loss of 10 percent of the jobs in the town of 20,000.

Know what they do? They head off to the Baptist Church and they pray that the god of their understanding will stop the drought. They believe that it’s part of god’s plan. That the town is being punished for some perceived wickedness. You know. Like Noah, in reverse. Except that the animals are literally dying of thirst.

Winnipeg is just a two hour drive north of Fargo, ND. You’ve heard jokes about palm trees growing in Toronto? How about Winnipeg or Regina or Calgary? By 2050. It’s happening.

And it’s happening because man is cutting large forests down at an unprecedented rate. Why? They want to plant palm trees. Why?

Because palm oil is the new elixir. It’s used in junk foods, cleaning products, shaving cream, and hand soap. There’s no money in a 500 year old rainforest tree. But there’s money in palms.

The rain forests used to store carbon. Palm trees? Not so much.

The climate change naysayers tell us that Fort Mac needs to be up and running in order for us to thrive as a nation.

And that’s just plain dead-cert wrong.

The Liberals, the NDP and of course the Harper government will never have that conversation.

Shutting down the tar sands would bankrupt the nation.

The truth is that unless we go ahead and shut them down?

We are putting our children at risk.

The solution is to utilize the resources that we have. Wind, sun and tides to produce a future that will bend to our needs and staunch the bleeding of our planet.

It’s too expensive?


The notion of money has always been based on a standard. Salt, gold, silver and if you grew up in the Netherlands? Tulips.

What happens if that standard becomes water? And what if the water is gone. And the water that’s left is tainted by centuries of pollution?

The solution is to move Canada right now, posthaste and without delay, away from fossil fuels and toward the new standard.

The new standard is tech. And Canada has lost its way.

We are ruining our natural environment in favor of a dated standard. Oil.

We need to stop.

We need to get smart.

And we need to shut down the oil sands. We have become, largely due to PC strategies, the ignominious fossil dog of the G8.

We are a laughingstock. An enlightened nation stuck in an anachronistic loop. We remain hewers of wood and drawers of water. We are quite happy to sell our soul for the devil that is.


There’s the demon.

There is no time to debate. And the naysayers have to be excluded from the equation.

If you don’t believe in Mordor?

Go back to your cave. Because you have nothing to offer your offspring. Their future.

I don’t tolerate those so-called nay-saying intellectuals any more.

They are contrarians. And they bring nothing but stupid to the table.

So I dismiss them outright and if asked, I tell them to go to Plainsview and pray with the disciples at the First Calvary Baptist Church.

Belief in god is suggested but never mandatory.

If you believe that man is not responsible for the coming eclipse?

You’ve already checked your brain at the door.

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