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Hiring women can boost the bottom line — they’re cheaper

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There are many feel-good, fairness-based reasons to hire and invest in women. You’re probably familiar with at least a few of them: Women have historically had fewer opportunities in the workplace. They don’t get promoted as frequently. They areincreasingly the sole or primary breadwinner for their families. Also, women’s lib and girl power and something about Half the Sky.

There’s an even better reason that is less frequently cited. Women, you see, will make you money.

Here’s my take on the not so startling revelation put forth by Ms. Rampell.

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Guess who did not like Maya? In the CIA. Men!

Guess who did not like Maya? In the CIA. Men!

Women are better at multi-tasking.

Women are less likely to be rude. They have their own passive aggressive techniques but so do men.

Women seek reconciliation and digression rather than outright aggression.

Women see the big picture. They just aren’t as anal as men about possible repercussions. They do things now! They don’t start looking for reasons not to proceed.

I can say all this because I am a woman. In the workplace that is.

I am a great multitasker, I am more interested in stopping the fucking bleeding than digging into the entrails and whats and nots about what caused the cut. Men like to do this.

They are obsessed about why this went to that. They will obsess about cause and effect until the cows are home… and back out to pasture.

Men do not shut gates. And they do not staunch open wounds. Florence Nightingale y’all! Not John B Nightingale.

Who caught Bin Laden? Women. I’m not kidding. And if you think that it was some covert CIA double ought seven tuxedo wearing agent? Read your fucking history.

It was a woman. Who solved it all. Who caught the world’s most wanted MAN! Notice that Bin Laden was a man! Women don’t do Bin Laden. They do the catch Bin Laden. Because he’s a homicidal psychopath.

And she let people know. She kicked that fucking glass ceiling right to shards of shit!

As she said to a General and the joint chiefs of staff in a top secret meeting and inquiry.

“I’m the motherfucker that found him!”

Several women were on the Bin Laden file. That’s all they did. They followed leads. They gathered intelligence. They were patient.

I don’t know how much money they saved the US government. But let’s just say that it was in the high eight figures and possibly low nines.

Could men have stayed a decade on a file? Without seeking a better position. Up the ladder

Of course not. Men do not look at the bigger picture. Men are not patient.

Men are arseholes.

That’s why we think you might derive some edification through the further exploration of the article we started with.

A new report from the California-based Anita Borg Institute makes the case that profitability, rather than charity or good PR, should convince companies to try harder to cultivate female talent on the payroll and in the C-suite.

Severalstudies have found, for example, that companies with a greater representation of women on their boards or top management teams tend to perform better. It’s not clear what’s cause and what’s effect here. Research suggests, though, that diversity of any kind — related to gender, race or other demographics — is good for problem-solving and idea generation.

Go ahead men!

Read it. We dare you.