Justin just said fuddle duddle… does anyone think this is going to hurt him?

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Yes we can! Fuddle Duddle get outta' trouble!

Yes we can! Fuddle Duddle get outta’ trouble!


He uttered… nay dared to utter the f-word in a gymnasium full of sweaty, beer-soaked fans of the sweet science.

And for this mild fluttering fandango, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Pierre Trudeau, has earned his five days of twittishness.

Social media jumped to the pitch and George Carlin is applauding. So too is dad, the real Trudeau.

Because some time ago, Dad, Pierre Elliot Himself told a Conservative MP to “fuck off” right in the House of Commons.

Well at least that’s what the MP in question, John Lundrigan, swore to reporters he heard.

“The prime minister interrupted me… by mouthing a four letter obscenity,” says Conservative MP John Lundrigan.
“He mouthed two words,” adds another Tory MP, Lincoln Alexander, to a group of reporters. “The first started with the letter F, the second word the letter O.”
The accused potty mouth, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, swears he did no such thing.

Trudeau says that Lundrigan and Alexander are being “very sensitive” for “crying to mama and to television.” ¬†Then he told the world that what he actually said was, “fuddle duddle.”

So JT fell to a moment and the politically correct police jumped on him. Harper’s Stefan Dionne and Mike Ignatieff goon squad hitters took another opportunity to question his judgement.

JT to his credit swung the point back to Harper’s own credibility and judgement, alluding to the rapid dismemberment of his most trusted advisers. Who seem to be shuffling into all the old habits of the entitled class.

And Harper is an idiot of they think that any of these tropes regarding marijuana reform and the use of fuck on a public stage is going to hurt Trudeau in the polls.

Fact is?

Like his dad, Justin is not trying to appease the lowest common denominator or blue rinse and bowtie wearing neocons that the Harperites drag to the brawl.

He is appealing to the youth vote. And quite frankly the youth that follow Trudeau use fuck as an adjective, adverb, noun and verb. And they think that the war on drugs is a manufactured douche assuaging the entrenched power of the law and order elite.

And they’re right.

So Trudeau treated the criticisms just as they should be treated.

As mealy-mouthed ad hominem lacerations provoked by a perverse sect of right wing punch buggies.

Trudeau is pretty secure right now.

He is not Dionne, a vacillating punch bag, and he is not Ignatieff, an insular iconoclast.

He is a Trudeau.

Secure in his arrogance. Secure in his abilities to drag the left with him.

If you did not like his old man?

You are never going to like Justin.

Will he back down from Harper’s taunts?


Will he continue to allow his arrogance to overrule best judgement?

Of course.

And really… is there any doubt that what will unseat Harper’s own PC (politically correct) arrogance is the fact that people are tired of his tight-assed rigidity and control-freakishness?

The short answer is yes.

You don’t have to dislike Harper to realize that he has lost that riveted control over his backbench and caucus. The PMO has now betrayed him on a handful of transgressive and oddball walkabouts.

He has lost the youth (what he had of it) and he is rapidly losing his hold upon the right reds.

We have lost power on the world stage and we are ridiculed as the dirtiest environmental country in the G8.

And Trudeau?

Well, he is going to have to come out in favor of some type of Oil Sands embargo, if he ever hopes to follow through on an agenda of change that has to include bringing Canada back to the Copenhagen agreement on climate change.

I think it’s time that Canada starts to realize that what we have is more important than tar. We have access to the world’s largest supplies of fresh water.

Within the next four decades that is the commodity that will provide Canada with more succor than it will ever get through northern Alberta.

So let the next fuddle duddle moment come with JT uttering the only sentence that matters going fporward.

“Fuck the oil sands!”

That’s how you win an election.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]