My Bracket’s Broke… a poem of love’s misfortune and the NCAA final four madness

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Calipari is the devil! Not really. He just broke my bracket. If he beats Louisville? I'm one and done!

Calipari is the devil! Not really. He just broke my bracket. If he beats Louisville? I’m one and done!

By Terrance Gavan – NCAA laureate…

As I stare out upon the oasis of my bracket
alone… in this large room… fire crackling
drowning out the bluish reflection of my Vizio tv

my fucking bracket’s broke
I went with Duke… even after vowing just last year and the year before and the year before that..
to fuck Duke…
Not literally, because it is impossible to lay with the Devil
without getting singed
and Duke?
is not the sole reason my braket’s broke
Too many times i went with heart…
i made a promise never to go with my heart
because heartbreak lingers long after the detritus
of the bracket is swallowed up upon the master’s lush green expanse
kansas let me down
creighton and that kid mcbuckets?
swallowed up my faith in a resurrection of a french lick transmogrification
that host of other teams that i went with out of some yoricked connection
like boeheim and that citrus bunch from the cuse
j’accuse because i love you jim boeheim
i have done forever
growing up in ottawa… my old television attached umbilically to a large free standing antenna
and we could get watertown
and captain kangaroo and we could get
news and sports
and syracuse
orange tilts remain
in quixotic entrails
boeheim broke my bracket too
and i will not linger on the others
i did not see kentucky
because i hate callipari.. not as coach but as
that malingering demonic cloak that ones his dones
flagrantly wagging fingers at others
who would play the game we once knew
dean smith
four corners and finals that read
which brings us circled full
change is good for basketball…
but my bracket’s broke
so who gives…
a smiling fuck?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]