Canada’s Juniors not quite there this year

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Juniors small, slow, uncaptivating.

Juniors small, slow, uncaptivating.

Sweden Dominates in Exhibition on Sunday

Canada is downright ugly looking and I have taken to switching back to Toronto and trying to keep my mind off all of those kids there who are now living under a threat of a real Dickensian Christmas.

Yes, Torono Hydro is saying that because of Typhoon Ice some Toronto households will be without power until Christmas Day for pithy petey sakes.

Anyway, I guess those people who are without power today will not have to watch what’s goin’ on in hockeyland junior wise.

I think the Junior Habs were outshot 16 to 5 in the first period and they are now.. as I write.. down 2-0 to a much stronger, much faster and incredibly puck-savvy bunch from Sweden.

Bob McKenzie said between periods that the Junior Habs are woefully small and woefully small.

Mckenzie has never been one of those commentators that like to gild the Lily thus I believe what I heard because I saw what he said.

In the first and second periods Canada seemed woefully inept in their own end and barely sensible in Sweden’s end. The 16 year old McDavid’s line put on some decent pressure as did Canada’s fourth line. But two or three streaks of passable shinny does not a 60 minute parlay make.

Sweden is just too smart and they look like a group of men among boys out there today.

So, if you are reading this by candlelight good fans of Toronto.

You can be thankful that your TV is dead this afternoon.

As Bruce Springsteen managed once. 57 Channels and nothin’s on.


Sorry third period just started.