Bryce Harper’s message to D.C. fans — the NFL and RG3 can wait, we’re still in it

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Even though the Washington Nationals are 13 games behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East and seven games removed from a wild card berth, their young star Bryce Harper think his team is “still in it.” Of course, he does, what else is he going to stay?

But Harper didn’t stop there. He had a message to the D.C. fans, the ones who have seemingly stopped coming to games and shifted their attention toward the NFL. He told CSN Washington:

“I think it’s tired, I really do. Just ’cause football season’s coming up … We’re still in it. I think having support is hopefully going to help us in this last month. I think fans know that guys feed off the crowd. They’ve got a whole winter to watch RG3. I think we’re all looking forward to that. But we could possibly get into the playoffs and go farther from there.”

Tuesday night, the Nats had their third smallest crowd of 2013 (24,616) and the smallest since the second week of the season. Back then, the Nats were World Series favorites and now they’re an above-average team in the National League.

Harper thinks they have a shot still, which technically, they do. But the odds are super slim they’re going to catch the Braves. To get a wild card spot, they’d have to chop off at least one of the heads of that three-headed dragons in the NL Central and pass the Arizona Diamondbacks.

So, yes, Bryce, your team has a shot. But much like RG3’s right leg, things are still precarious.

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