Wallin: The Devil made her do it – Mansbridge gets D- for no guts puff piece



Vancouver – Well, Pamela, my dear. Here’s the thing.

You’re not taking full responsibility.

If you were taking full responsibility for your actions and your wanton irresponsibility? You would simply flutter away from the senate.

If you were taking responsibility you would state up front where you really live. You stated it for the boards you sat. You stated on several occasions that you were a resident of Ontario. If you were taking responsibility you would not have hid from the pastor and the CBC for lo’ these many months.

If you were taking responsibility you would have left when you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Or snout in the pigs’ trough. We want you to go away Pamela. Canadians want you to go away. The senate wants you to go away. Stephen Harper wants you to go away. The PC caucus gave you the crack. They booted you from the party. What kind of fucking hint do you need?

You told the pastor that you do not suffer from the stigma that we’ll call entitlement. I think you’re being disingenuous Ms. Wallin. I think that you and The Duff and Mac Harb all suffer from that belligerent and bellicose disease. You baffle me Pamela. You baffle us all. You have been shamed. You are suffering through an abysmal degree of scrutiny. Here’s what you told Peter Pastor Mansbridge.

“I’m very sorry obviously that I’ve caused all of this grief for family and my friends and for my fellow parliamentarians, and I think taxpayers have a right to know,” Senator Pamela Wallin told Peter Mansbridge, CBC TV’s resident pastor.

Auditors are currently going over Wallin’s travel expense claims going back to January 2009, when she was first appointed to the Senate. It has been reported that Wallin has claimed about $350,000 in travel expenses since September 2010.

Wallin said she made mistakes on her claims for flights.

“I sign the documents, so I take responsibility,” the former journalist and diplomat said. “I take full responsibility for this. I should have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb as anybody should and make sure, but I just didn’t.”

“I was doing what I thought my job was — to not sit in Ottawa in an office, not sit in the Senate chamber always, but to be out there,” she said .

Now mistakes were made. But they were made by a person who couldn’t give a crack about personal accountability. And you have been leading us all on Pamela. This is entitlement gone wild. Special needy entitlement in an economy where Canadian kids are going to school without breakfast. And you and Mike Duffy are collecting a shitload of cash for sitting in leather chairs. “You have an entitlement problem.”

Pamela you feel that you have earned this. You feel you deserve it. And even when your actions indicate that entitlement gene. You deny it. Simply put. You and Duffy and Harb milked the system. Not satisfied with the considerable salary you wanted more. So, you rode this pony through the corral and into the saloon. Please, oh please, Pamela don’t tell the pastor and the nation that you don’t have an entitlement problem.

Because that’s not even a question for you to answer. When single moms are working three jobs here in Ontario to support their two kids on $26,000 per annum. You cannot come to us and to the pastor and tell us to our face that you don’t think you’re better than the whole lot of Canadians who pay their taxes and are honest hard working people. People who now have to suffer through this interminable process of pig trough accounting nightly and daily and weekly on the news… ad nauseum. And do not presume to tell us that you earn your money. Because you don’t. And what’s more? You know you don’t. But no matter… we don’t give a fiddler’s crack.

That’s for us to decide… not you or the Duff or the Harb. And Peter? Shame, shame, shame on you. For puff, poof and predictably obsequious journalism.

Perhaps you are past it Peter. Is it a question of noblesse oblige? Or are you getting old? You know Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey switched to the soft knuckle after he lost his fastball. Is that it Peter? Have you lost the heat?

Dickey still delivers. You did not Peter. You had her and you let her slip away with an agenda that did not go to the heart of the issue at hand. Peter. You asked her if she suffered from entitlement. And you had to couch that in a paean to her own tough question to Turner. About his drinking problem. By the way. Why is it that Wallin and Duffy are especially known and remembered for their harassment of Liberal Prime Ministers? And have no history of cogent reckonings with Mulroney? Who used to accept brown envelopes from transient deportees? Ah, well.

Anyway Peter. I was disappointed with the fluff piece. The entitlement question should have been delivered without remorse.

Here Peter… what about this one?  “Pamela, you and Harb and Duffy do not seem satisfied with your considerable salaries. You milked the system to a point where you are now under investigation by the RCMP. Why? Why do you feel entitled to cheating on your expenses to pad your already inappropriate stipend? Why do you demonstrate such a reckless regard for taxpayers who would, if they were caught with similar instances of finagling on their taxes would be subject to prosecution and jail?”

How’s that for a question Peter? How’s that for the heat? How’s that for the two seam fastball?

How about it Peter?

You know when you speak to a cheat… you don’t have to be polite. Jaysus. I’m not.

It’s not just me Peter. Ask the people I heard at the coffee shop this morning. You know… the public.

That you and those cheating senators have a mandate to serve.

Ask them.

For god’s sake give it a crack. Anyway.

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