TED talks:I’ve been tying my shoes wrong for 50 years… Have you?


I play a lot of tennis and after watching this video I suddenly recalled how many times in the course of a 2 hour match I have had to kneel down and retie my shoes.

Sometimes, after a long rally during an excruciating set, I pretend to tie my shoes just to grab a breath. But in my 30 year sojourn on the macadam courts tying and retying my shoes and in spite of actually running out of my shoes on occasion – finishing a point in your socks is not only painful but downright ego bruising – I have never, not once, questioned my shoe tying technique.

Thus Moore, in his short piece, reminded me that ingrained social norms, no matter how trivial, rule our lives. I’ve been a journalist for over 30 years and I still type wrong. But I’m self-taught and very fast so I have never really thought about changing, right up until watching Terry Moore in this video.

Okay I just tried that and mabyee (sic) err, maybe that’s too old doggy new trickee at this stage of life. But stopping to examine my place in the world. My ideas about success. My goals?

And what about empathy. What about walking several miles in another person’s moccasins? And what about Lao Tzu’s oft quoted mantra? Explore change? And you never know.First-Step-of-Journey-Quotes

Terry Moore directs the Radius Foundation in New York, which, as its website says, “seeks new ways of exploring and understanding dissimilar conceptual systems or paradigms — scientific, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic — with the aim to find a world view of more complete insight and innovation. The Radius Foundation is a forum for different views.”

The foundation has published several works that examine the intersection of religion and metaphysics with science and social action.

“His useful and whimsical presentation on how to tie shoes correctly was an easy way to return home from Monterey a better and wiser person.”

anon, the TEDBlog