Michael Phelps’ Olympic medal record: fans’ reaction – video


Phelps Phelps Phelps!

Thank god for the fly.

Hopefully. Now that he’s done the deed?

We can break from this constant onslaught of will he or won’t he.

Frankly the specter of this sideshow has worn thin on our psyche.

We do hope that Michael garners another cover on the box of Wheaties and we also wish him well as he dwindles to insignifigance in a sport that awakes once every four years and then?

Thankfully disappears until someone is rescued from a Great White by a no-name lifeguard on a Beach in Wonkadoo, Australia.

God on ya’ mate. Now… Get lost ya’ wanker!

The story below and the vid?

From our friends at The Guardian.