Shooting a cop or CAS worker is now legal in Indiana


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Hey put that finger down. Governor Daniels says it all right to pop a cop if he tries to enter your house. Phot BY Bloomberg.


The iron fist of neoconservativism just sidled up to our borders.

“Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, has authorized changes to a 2006 legislation that legalizes the use of deadly force on a public servant,” says a story from

This encompassing and pretty darn awe-inspiring legislation gives Indiana citizens the right to open fire on public officials who might want to take a peeek inside your house, garage, or place of business for that matter.

What are they thinking? Ponder a bit. This all makes eminent sense if you look at the rise of the Tea Party, which is not – we repeat not – a wing of the Republican Party. Unless you purport that “wingnut wing” is coalescent with the word ‘wing.’

And then we run the risk of sounding like Bill Clinton. “It depends… on what your meaning of is… is…” I have no idea how to punctuate that last bit – and no idea what Mr. Clinton was talking about – so we’ll let it go for now.

Anyway, by definition The Tea Partistes (Apologies to Rene Levesque et al)  – in toto – are not Republicans. They are Libertarians who believe – as fervently as a Tennessee Holler evangelist believes that rattlesnakes won’t kill ya’ if the lord is in your heart  – that ‘no government’ is the best government. They are, for the most part, whack-a-jack gun zealots who believe that the fourth and second amendments are the only things standing between them and the hoardes of Hawaiian born Muslims that are setting up camp in an underground mosque dug below the White House.

They are anti-union, anti-government, anti-tax and antebellum zealots who don’t fit anywhere within the two party paradigm, and therefore must exist on some Zoroastrian plain, where angels, devils and god control road construction, social security, health care, bridge building and those other scenic items that are struck with the imprimatur of “big government and taxation.”

So that’s where this current Indiana law is coming from. This is a strict Libertarian song and dance, and a bulwark to incidents in Waco and Ruby Ridge. (Yes they do go back that far.) They are also ticked about big government’s insistence that we wear helmets on our motorcycles. So Indiana isn’t crazy. Just compliant. The Tea Party is crazy. But if you’re a Republican Governor? What the heck are you going to do?

“The legislation authorizes the use of deadly force on any offensive threat up to and “including an officer of the law — in cases of ‘unlawful intrusion.'” says the story. “Proponents of both the Second and Fourth Amendments — those that allow for the ownership of firearms and the security against unlawful searches, respectively — are celebrating the update by saying it ensures that residents are protected from authorities that abuse the powers of the badge.

“Others, however, fear that the alleged threat of a police state emergence will be replaced by an all-out warzone in Indiana. Hold onto your holsters, folks: shooting a cop dead is now legal in the state of Indiana.”

Under the latest changes of the so-called Castle Doctrine, state lawmakers agree “people have a right to defend themselves and third parties from physical harm and crime.” Rather than excluding officers of the law, however, any public servant is now subject to be met with deadly force if they unlawfully enter private property without clear justification.

“In enacting this section, the general assembly finds and declares that it is the policy of this state to recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant,” reads the legislation.

Although critics have been quick to condemn the law for opening the door for assaults on police officers, supporters say that it is necessary to implement the ideals brought by America’s forefathers. Especially, argue some, since the Indiana Supreme Court almost eliminated the Fourth Amendment entirely last year. During the 2011 case of Barnes v. State of Indiana, the court ruled that a man who assaulted an officer dispatched to his house had broken the law before there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” In turn, the National Rifle Association lobbied for an amendment to the Castle Doctrine to ensure that residents were protected from officers that abuse the law to grant themselves entry into private space.

“There are bad legislators,” the law’s author, State Senator R. Michael Young (R) tells Bloomberg News. “There are bad clergy, bad doctors, bad teachers, and it’s these officers that we’re concerned about that when they act outside their scope and duty that the individual ought to have a right to protect themselves.”

Governor Daniels says: “In the real world, there will almost never be a situation in which these extremely narrow conditions are met,” Daniels says. “This law is not an invitation to use violence or force against law enforcement officers.”

Hey Guv’nor! Did you consult the guys who are being paid to watch your naked butt end in public? Cos’ some of them are angry… and scared.

“If I pull over a car and I walk up to it and the guy shoots me, he’s going to say, ‘Well, he was trying to illegally enter my property,’” Sergeant Joseph Hubbard tells Bloomberg. com. “Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law.”

“It’s just a recipe for disaster,” Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police President Tim Downs adds. “It just puts a bounty on our heads.”

Here’s the point fellow Canadians. Cross Purdue and Notre Dame universities off your must visit list this summer.

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