Faster, stronger, funner… track’s back

Highlands elementary schools – no flip-flops but fly!

By Terrance Gavan – Sports

On a most stunning day in cottage country, when grown ups may have been able to find something a little less taxing to do?

They were out in force at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School on the Gary Brohman field, battling heat prostration, frustration and the first sunburn of the year to support their kids and their students.

So good for the parents and teachers but kudos to the kids who came out in force to fight the heat, the track, the Floridian humidity and their fears; and compete in the annual elementary school track meet.

We’ve captured some highlights in pictures and video; and we hope that we’ve captured some special and stoic moments for the kids and their cheerleaders.

Congrats to all of the organizers who kept this thing running like a well-oiled Ryder Hesjedal.

Who also had a pretty good weekend on the track.

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