Road rage in the capital city – NHL are u watching?


By Terrance Gavan – Crap Journalist

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OH! Oh! Better get Maaco! Take a chill pill and use that phone to call the cops... okay?

Ottawa – We have no idea what possesses some people to act out, but we are sure of one thing… it takes a Village to raise a child.

And so, dear readers, we find a wellspring of resource from even the most sardonic of human interaction.

YouTube has taught us that if you behave like a jackass, someone is going to catch it on film.

Cautionary tales abound on Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, digital phones and YouTube.

Like this one from Ottawa where a group of teenagers are flung iPhone first into a teachable moment. One man confronts another in one of your classic road rage moments. The bystanders, you will note, all possess cellphones. And in spite of the spectacle unfolding before them, they choose not to call 911. Nope. They elect to film the action, which for all intents and purposes, could have escalated to mayhem. (Sorry folks but that one was deleted from YouTube! Damn Google!) We replaced that video with another rage against the machine.

Instead it ended in a handshake? Yes dear readers, two men go toe to toe – literally kicking each other as a prequel to some rather unimpressive haymakers – while bystanders watch, record and giggle like schoolgirls.

It ended well.

But had one come out brandishing a tire iron or a Swiss Army knife? Be prepared boy scouts.

It could have ended differently.

My own interpretation. This is just the NHL solution for a case of testosterone gone wild.

Duke it out. Dust off. Shake hands.

Head back to the bench.

Something to think about perhaps.

Why so angry fellas?

Why so uptight?