Video – The Haliburton Sculpture Forest


Jim Blake is the curator of the winnowy trail

By Terrance Gavan

We have not walked the sculpture forest and have been here for 12 years.

We were inspired by this video to traipse along the trail with our dog Billie Jean today.

Inspiration derived… after watching young Mr. Blake expound on the beauty that as it happens is within 3.5 minutes of my door.

Look for the instragram iPhone pictorial on today’s front page of the SHR!

We will also do a short video about our walk in the woods.

Should be a lovely way to begin our day.

Watch the video and get inspired.

We gots lots o’ stuff around these parts of the Canadian Shield.

The Shield – terrance gavan

A gladiator resides on my front door

Shield grey and sturdy pall

Blue sky reflects the years

of resistance to the strong arm tactics 

of seasonal soldiers that would 

seek retribution for our 

scurry here

on this retributive castle

of rock roots and sawgrass