Red Hawks snag some prize birdies

Hal High Hawks badminton is soaring

By Judi Paul – Submission

Senior Badminton

The Senior badminton team had a great day at the Kawartha Qualifying tournament held at Crestwood Secondary School.

Results are as follows:

1st Place  – Darcy Schmidt (Men’s Singles)

1st Place- Andrew Murray and Brett Yake (Men’s Doubles)

1st Place- Jaimie Dack and Bin Chun (Mixed Doubles)

1st Place- Jessica Duchene and Sandy Griffith (Ladies’ Doubles)

2nd Place- Grace Diezel and Jessica Bishop (Ladies’ Doubles)

4th Place- Tanner Hamilton and Tanner Ballantyne (Men’s Doubles)

4th Place- Tammy Everitt and Michael Nelson (Mixed Doubles)

Junior Badminton

The Junior Badminton team travelled toFenelonFallswhere quality competition made for some very close matches.

Five juniors qualified for the Kawartha tournament:

1st Place – Tom Paul – Boy’s Singles

2nd Place – Nick Thompson and Stan Riley – Boy’s Doubles

4th Place – Matt O’Reilly and Hunter Bishop – Boy’s Doubles