Wanking Bankers! Heeeeeere’s Seamus O’Bradaigh


By Terrance Gavan

Of course no one believes in Seamus.

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That's Seamus in the middle, brokering a peace offer between the Sinn Fein and the bloody Prots. Seamus asked me to write that. And it's a joke of course. Photo courtesy of Sligo Argus.

I am accused weekly of being he.

I am not Seamus. And Seamus is not me.

Who is Seamus O’Bradaigh.

He’s irascible, tempermental, profane, literate, disjointed, unmanageable and a lovely, lovely man.

He taught me what to write and he taught me when to write… more. He taught me to write.

Whenever the whim of pissy and fancy strikes … I write.

Like Seamus, I suffer fools… pity they don’t suffer back.

Like Seamus I know the true value of friendship.

Friendship is “going to the mattresses” and I only have four friends that I trust will be there on the wall with me.

One is my life’s parner. One is in BC, another resides in Winnipeg and the other? Is Seamus.

Anyway. I’ve told you who he is.

And I’ve said he’s not me.

He’s the guy in the video.

And he knows how to rant.

And that’s absolutely grand.