The truth about the Wall Street “occupation”

Why are they arresting us – ask numerous legitimate protesters


it’s a great video / capitalism is dying… because the very plank of capitalism seeks to disenfranchise the weak / and thus runs against a Darwinian hard code / men and women are intrinsically human .. implying a social conscience / antithesis of wall street and lack of social conscience is the bulwark of capitalism – sociopaths and wall street finaglers are fired by that same lack of empath / a new paradigm is coming. terrance gavan PhD – in Bullshit Baffles Brains

The Bolsheviks are at the door. Up the Bolsheviks.

We watch as protesters are arrested and the real crooks hide behind their pallets of money calling the shots and barricading their doors while the state intervenes with a show of force.

Michael Moore was right you know. When capitalism turns feudal.

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An Old Fart Rants.

The peasants revolt.

Time to put some heads on pikes. That’s what the Wall Streeters are saying to the corporate giants who are macing, arresting and tear gassing the peasants.

Hear that you bastards. The Bolsheviks are at the door. And it’s happening right now.

The you tube video above hearkens an old theme.

The richest one percent against the rest of us.

Kings taxing the peons.

The Kings are running scared.

Unfortunately there will come a time when the police, part of that feudal diagram, begin to revolt. Realize that they’re actually with the protesters. There are off-duty policemen and firemen in those crowds on Wall Street.

When that happens.

The mandarins on their cushioned swivels will start departing their penthouses like rats off a bleeding ship.

The guy in the video – watch it all – is right you know.

So was Michael Moore.

People can only take so much.

Before they say: “This far and no further.”

Give ’em hell Wall Streeters.

I’m sending you some gas masks.

And a couple of pikes.

Yes folks long sharp sticks.

I’m an Irish and Viking descendent and perhaps it’s time to parade a few heads around a square.

Speaking metaphorically of course.

Good god w could never support violence as a just retributor for white collar crime?

Could we?

Think on that you feudal lords of Wall Street.

Because the Bolsheviks are banging at your doors.