The Highlander gets a warm reception from, well… Highlanders


There’s a new paper in town.

The Highlander, Haliburton County’s Independent Voice hit newsstands all over Haliburton County on Friday afternoon (Oct 7).

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Terrance Gavan caught this picture at the Canadian Open in August. Andre and Jim Courier played an exhibition match before Serena and Stosur played for the Canadian Open Cup. Serena won but paid for it later at the US Open. Yes, Andre does read the Highlander online. You can too! Photo by Terrance Gavan.

That will end any and all objective reflection because as you probably know, I am one of the contributors to The Highlander.

Stephen Patrick, editor, and Bram Lebo, owner of Haliburton County’s newest bulwark to the fourth estate, both have been out and about schmoozing and handing out free editions of the inaugural paper and both admit to being slightly surprised by the great reviews.

Patrick and I kicked off the first edition with reports from Lindsay. MPP Laurie Scott is back and so is Dalton McGuinty. It’s not often a paper gets a chance to kick off with a sure winner – pun unintended – on it’s inaugural cover.

The staff had about four days to put this paper together and an award winning photographer would like to make it abidingly clear that the election night photos – with some seeping sepia issues – are the result of some printing problems that will be cleared up when we have our meetings with the printers in the upcoming weeks.

Election night was fun, wasn’t it? Patrick and I made the trip together down to Lindsay and it was a case of deja vu. I think we’ve covered about 4 election nights together now and they’re long and tiring.

We would like to thank Jackie Brooks for the loan of her internet in Lindsay, because Patrick and I were both under the gun deadline wise and needed to have our stories and pictures in by 2 am. Thank you Jackie for the pizza, the wi-fi and the soft drinks.

As usual, I nailed the Liberal minority government very early. I gave Stephen the nod at 9:34.30. The rest of the night went by in a blur.

Funniest moment of the night goes to Patrick.

Patrick was buttonholed and then warned by an old Conservative pol on Thursday night at Laurie Scott’s victory celebration to “report the news… don’t make the news.”

God only knows what the heck he was talking about. (That’s an ironic statement by the way.)

Now, the fact that we had the lowest voter turnout in Ontario’s long history is certainly distressing.

And it’s maybe a story that the Haliburton Highlander will want to follow up on.

For now, just a warning that The Haliburton Highlander is promising to bring an edge to the news and its editorial content.

As the masthead says: The Highlander, Haliburton County’s independent voice.

Now remember please.

The voice is in lower case.

The Highlander is not the reincarnation of The County Voice which served proudly for three and a half years.

The Highlander? Call it a Scottish reel. A dance. With precocity, sound footwork and a nuanced fling with words on a page.

Hope you read it. Hope you enjoyed it.


Hope you continue to pick one up every Friday. and