So what's the problem? We don't know. But the neighbours do. Photo courtesy of Tim Horton's.

Hey Knuckleheads! – Don’t park on the Highway! Capiche? It’s dangerous!

Okay noodlers! Put your thinking caps on. Would you rather get hit in the parking lot of a Tim Horton's by a little old lady doing 5 kilometers an hour. Or get plowed by a semi on Hwy 35 as you rush in for a double double? You only get one guess here knuckleheads! Photo courtesy of Tim Horton's.


Some Citizens Ignoring Posted No Stopping Signs

(HALIBURTON, ON) – Officers of the Haliburton Highlands Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), are reminding the motoring public to obey the clearly posted “No Stopping” signs that are located on Highway 35, in front of the Tim Horton’s and Pioneer Gas Bar, in Minden.

Often times, motorists will pull off and park on the shoulder of Highway 35, instead of entering the parking lots of these businesses.  Some even stop their vehicles directly under one of the many posted “no stopping” signs.

This results in a significant safety issue related to compromised sightlines for vehicles both on the highway, as well as entering and exiting the adjacent commercial establishment parking lots.  It is extremely difficult to see around these illegally stopped vehicles.

The OPP will be watching for violators.  You may be charged with Disobey Sign, a violation of Section 182(2) of the Highway Traffic Act.  This carries a 100.00 fine.