[Video] Cuppa Joe funny – Charlie Sheen is winning! Winning! Winning!

Charlie Sheen ain’t goin’ to rehab – he said no… no.. no! Dad!

By Cuppa Joe – Joe Simonsky on Granville Island

I know where Charlie Mad Monk Sheen has been.

And I know where he’s headed.

It’s a pretty sad situation. Bad situation?

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You there. Charlie. A Limerick. Charlie, Your pontoon boat is sinking. But Please do continue drinking. Because isn't it fun. Going down with the sun. With your powerfully positive thinking. Winning. Winning! Photo by Errol Flynn.

And he’s tryin’ to make the best of it right now.

A crash is comin’.

But for the nonce a lot of people are kinda’ lapping it all up. I follow him on Twitter.

My dogs Desdamona and Reginald love Two and a Half Men. I have a closet full of bowling shirts and knee length khakis.

Charlie is fun to watch for me, because I keep wondering just how far he’s gonna’ take it. It’s like standing on the dock and watching one of those pontoon boats filled to the gunnels with about 56 overweight partiers. You know what they’re thinking. Sink? This thing? Sink? It’s a pontoon boat for chrissakes!

Pontoon boats don’t sink! Do they?

Sometimes the Coast Guard will pull along side and a 25 year old lieutenant will bellow into an onboard mic. “You there in the pontoon boat! Yes you. Captain. You at the wheel! Put the goddam beer down and follow me to the dock you witless moron.”

We coffee drinkers at Mary’s Wharfside Java Jive will boo these erstwhile do-gooders. “Coast Guard Sucks! Coast Guard Sucks!”

Because nothing perks up a Saturday night more than a boatload of 200 pound drunks falling into the small bay just off the dock. It’s hilarious. And hardly anyone ever drowns. So that’s a good thing. And Mary’s Java Jive does a boffo business serving warm cups of coffeee and Baileys to the soaking wet survivors.

We digress. Pleasantly. Charlie Sheen watchers are like that. Hoping that the Coast Guard will get to Charlie. But not, y’know, before young Mr. Sheen has a few more stunning batshit crazy, full bore starkers moments. Like thwe one in the video above.

Ah crap! Watch the video and ponder the inevitable. Cos’ he ain’t goin to rehab!

He says NO! No! No!

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