Batcrap crazy on Facebook – Mayor Ford may be homophobic but? – Gives finger to 6 yr old girl? We are shocked

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Now is this da finger Rob Ford allegedly brandished. One mother says it is. Photo by Henry Ford.

By Terrance Gavan – Dead Dogan editorial

The story below is from the whack a mole a minute files of Facebook.

This facebook posting – while unsubstantiated – is amusing.

I will be phoning the writer later today.

For now revel in the Edsel-imbued Mayor’s latest alleged ride down his eclectic highway.

We hope it’s not true.

Wait! We hope it is.

Posted by Ottilie Mason on Facebook at 3 pm last Saturday July 23.


I was driving east on Dundas St. last night at around 9pm. towards Spadina Ave. and who should I see driving beside me but our new mayor, Rob Ford, talking on his cell phone while driving !!!

My 6 yr. old daughter and I have a game of thumbs up or thumbs down when we like or dislike something, so when we get to the intersection at Dundas and Spadina, we aptly give him a thumbs down and say, “get off your cell phone!!”

Rob Ford, our mayor, then gives us the finger, I roll down my window and again shout, “get off your cell phone!” He keeps giving us the finger and I can see him mouthing swear words through the window.I only wish I had taken a picture with my camera but as you know that would be illegal while driving a vehicle!

I find this kind of behaviour really unbecoming of a mayor who not only is in charge of the largest metropolitan municipality in Canada, is supposed to follow the laws of that city, set an example, and serve and respect the rights and lives of it’s citizens.

It is appalling that we have a mayor like this who so quickly resorts to this kind of infantile responses to his constituents. I have witnessed first hand just what an embarrassment he is to us all.

My advice to the very porcine-looking and acting Mr. Ford, hey get off your cell phone and on your bicycle, you need the excercise and we would all be much safer!!

Tor Star picks up the story here.

The mayor’s office would not comment, nor confirm whether the incident happened.

“Elected officials are held to a certain expectation of respect. When they are caught doing something obviously wrong and dangerous, you say ‘sorry’ and that’s done with it,” Mason said. “What can I say to that? I’d accept your apology. But it made me madder that he reacted the way he did.”

Mason, an artist and designer, said she was driving east on Dundas, and Ford was driving a beige minivan with a licence plate that says “ROBFORD.”

She has never been a Ford supporter and disagrees with his policies, she said. This incident confirms her opinion, she added.

“I know he has major work to do and a huge population to be responsible for, but he could have said ‘I’m sorry.’ We all make mistakes,” she said.

Mason’s post has been shared on Facebook and Twitter, eliciting both angry and skeptical responses.

A man who shared the post on Facebook said: “I’m unsure if this is true . . . but I wouldn’t be surprised.”

A comment on Mason’s post said, “He is a bully and obviously feels that he is above the law. He only cares about himself. He didn’t care that a woman and child saw the finger.”

The cellphone in question is itself the stuff of legend. Ford is famous for inviting constituents to call him on his cell to discuss grievances with the city — even responding to calls when he was in the hospital with a kidney stone.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]