[Videos-2] Winehouse ain’t goin’ to rehab – no, no, no!

Another great one falls to the vagaries of addiction – yoo-hoo, Charlie Sheen

By Terrance Gavan

“I don’t ever want to drink again

I just need a friend…

amy via rehab

Amy Winehouse, a singular talent, with a voice that could stop a bus…

Is dead.

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Amy Winehouse is dead at 27. Not long enough for such an awe-imbued talent. Photo by Kevin McHale.

The life lived wasn’t perfect by any stretch. Thankfully we’ve got digital proof of her raw talent, her energy and her profound and driven dedication to her art. Or we can get it on iTunes. I would suggest that you download some of her music.

And take a listen today. I once took a course at University of Manitoba called the History of Rock and Roll.

Professor Bumstead once came to class dressed in a dashiki and he turned out the lights, lit candles and we all listened to the eerie strains of Donovan, The Doors, Hendrix and Janice Joplin.

On the final exam, one of the questions said: Name five iconic stars of the sixties that died from overdose of drugs or booze. That’s called an “esy five.”

Musicians have been dying this way long before Jimmy Morrison and Janice lit their respective lamps and charged off into that good dark night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light? Sometimes that’s not possible on the road, where just this morning I heard Robbie Robertson – at the end of Scorcese’s The Last Waltz – saying that the “road has taken a lot of ’em.”

Well, Robbie’s right of course. And this weekend it claimed another.

The eulogies will flow as this winds down from five minutes of fame to its appropriate and disingenuous denouement.

We live with our demons or they kill us.

I know that and I guess we have all shouldered a burden once or twice in our lives. A precipitous burden that we thought we might not get by. But we have. Mainly because, our burdens are not played out on the great big stage. Where personalities are burdened with the underpinnings of detritus and judgement.

Ain’t goin’ to rehab, I said no, no, no!

Amy Winehouse

She remains as eclectic in death as she was in life.

A mysterious blend of talent and foible. Her life certainly no conundrum.

We seek to find our level in a life lived.

Amy found her peace on the pipe and it killed her.

There’s no preaching here.

All kinds of people die young.

But they don’t die before their time.

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