[Video] Alberto Contador Punches A Heckler, Tour De France – a big fat clusterduck of steroid rage

By Terrance Gavan – Sports

We know cycling is imbued with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Everyone takes drugs.

It’s de rigueur.

Men are not meant to travel up an alp road at that speed over prolonged periods of time.

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Albert, Albert! Right cross. Delivered. And then he rides away into a large pool of pro-buteral. Photo by Ben Johnson.

Men are not meant to fly either. So we cheat. We book seat sale passage on a Boeing to get to our destination.

Boeing is the nembutal (sic) or pro-buteral, or surging flax cream and clear of the traveling classes.

Don’t believe for a minute that Lance Armstrong is a virgin. He’s not. But so what. If everyone is doing it?

Anyway some people do care apparently. Which is precisely why some clown took off on Alberto Contador last week in the Tour de France. Les enfant terrible had just the reply for the prankster.

To wit: He popped him. Right from his bicycle seat.

They’re both having fun. So let’s have more of this.

Pies in the face to Rupert Murdoch and chasing down a steroid miscreant in a hospital gown?

Fun. pretty harmless stuff.

And the guy who got punched?

Relax. That’s a wee reminder not to mess with steroid rage.

Deadspin summed it up and You Tube had the video.

Deadspin’s B — The carnage at DeathFrance 3000 is not contained to the riders. Today a spectator dressed as a doctor and carrying a blood bag (A reference to his positive drug test at last year’s Tour) joined others in running alongside Contador as he tried to make a last-ditch move on the last day in the Alps. Contador took a whack at the guy, and we can’t really say we blame him.

Contador faded late and will have trouble making up ground on Andy Schleck with two race days remaining.