Here’s LOOKING at you Haliburton… yes it’s a play!

By Terrance Gavan – Reviews

Looking – Northern Lites Pavilion

Ralph Small – Director

Norm Foster – Writer

Cast? – Read on and watch the video knuckleheads!

Looking is a play by Norm Foster.

If you haven’t heard about this charming debonair Canadian playright?

Time to get schooled.

No better place than the Northern Lites Pavilion of the Performing Arts.

The play opened Monday night to a rave review by this writer.

And make no mistake, this writer knows comedy.

Is he also a psychic? Because this was written on Sunday, a day before the opening?

No. I cheated. I watched the dress and I know how opening night will go.

We have two plucky leading ladies – Lesley English and Myrna McBrien – the cop and the O.R. nurse.

They must be plucky, because Foster absolutely demands it.

We assume that veteran HSF director Ralph Small – kudos and DAP – has passed that on to his leading ladies, because they deliver their lines with quick acerbic realism.

And the men? Ah now a nice blend of veteran moxy – Tom Regina – and an ingenue’s hutzpah – Carl Dixon.

I’ll have a review up shortly.

But for now enjoy the pictorial.

And the small photo gallery below.

More to come after the real opening night when this guy does his real savage and ravage. Hah!

Oh t’would I could let go. But what can I say. HSF always rocks me from the bottom of my moccasins to the top of my CBC cap.

Kudos to the sets people, the crew, the lighting sound and music people.

And the exec over to the Highlands Summer Festival.

Lovely y’all. Simply? DeeeeeeeeeVine! No not the Premier of Saskatchewan. The play. The Play!

Looking forward to a great opening nite. DAP! and