[Video] Cuppa Joe – Woman attacks judge in Kentucky courtroom brawl – Holler!!!

Judge abuse in Kentucky and more dirt on the editor

By Cuppa Joe – Simonsky in Vancouver

Melissa Harvick is batshit crazy.

And I’m an expert on crazy.

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Ah ya bum! I'll moider ya' Judge Judy Judy Judy dow ya' love me? Old song sixties flashback. trailer Park meets tea Party in the Holler. Vengeance is mione sayeth this crazy crazy Lady in a kentucky courtroom. Photo by Whitey Herzog.

Know why?

I work for Terrance Gavan.

Back in the day?

I could see – wait I did see – Mr. Gavan in court doing one of these.

He was not enamored of the law process when he was a flat out practicing drunk.

And yes, like all drunks, Gavan – now reformed and 13 years sober – appeared in court on a few occasions.

Once for having a sign climbing race with a fellow Carleton student in the market area. Back when the market area was the “MARKET AREA” with its seedy hotels, frothy taverns and dark back alleys that were best ignored.

Today of course you could not have a sign climbing race in the market.

It’s gentrified and absolutely chock-a-block with the hoi polloi and edgy tourists. And it boasts a big “police presence” that would never condone such hooliganism.

Oh yes. Gav was represented in that famous sign case by a high school classmate – now a partner in an upscale Ottawa law firm – Kelly and Santini – and was let off with an honourable discharge – absolute – by a glum judge along with two smiling police officers who, it should be noted, declared Gav the winner. Why? Because his sign bent almost to the ground as he was shinnying up.

Sign damage you see. Is frowned upon in the city of lights. And alas formed the basis for the charges.

Just for the record? The two combatants – Boo McCart and Gavan – were both wearing their Brewers Retail shirts at the time of the Christmas holiday offence.

Here’s what they said to the arresting officer.

“No your honor – I mean constable – I have no idea who that guy is.”

This was Boo’s idea and not Gavan’s.

Ahh shit, a transgression of digression. Senility is soooo overrated.

Back to the story at hand. Courtesy of Gawker.com a lovely little site.

Earlier this week, Harvick appeared at a family court hearing as the defendant in a dispute with her husband, who had filed a domestic violence order against her.

While her husband tried to explain his side of the story to the presiding judge, Harvick allegedly interrupted him and wouldn’t stop talking. This prompted the judge to sentence Harvick to ten days in jail for contempt of court. The jail sentence did not please Harvick very much, as you will soon come to understand by watching the video above.

Good morning from Vancouver Haliburton and the world.

I’m Cuppa Joe with your morning smile.

Sitting in Mary’s tea house with the dogs Desdamona and Thor.

We are watching a cruise ship puffing out toward Fairbanks.

Drinking Chai.