[Video] My Ottawa – inside scoop – Devolin and other MPs do not tip!

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Barry Devolin does not tip the Hill Staff. Okay so none of the MPs do! Photo by Terrance Gavan.

Muck-raking in parliament – the MPs are AWOL! – Parliament is closed?

By Terrance Gavan – Editor – haliburtonnews.ca

We find a cat house on Parliament Hill.

Which is where this video was going.

However, the cats are feral – like the Tories and Libs – in these parts.

And you apparently can’t see them without an appointment.

I walked to the door of Parliament and asked for directions to Barry Devolin’s office.

The nice man at the door said: “Sorry son we’re closed.”

And I said thanks.

Not for the information. I already knew that parliament was closed.

But for the compliment.

See, like a lot of old guys, the dude just assumed that no matter how old I am – 57 I think on July 21 – I am probably someone’s son.

So this is right on stuff emanating from our guardians of parliament.

Undeterred, I asked another question.

“Excuse me but was there a big pool among the Hill staff about who would be the next speaker of the House?”

He looks around conspiratorially, and asks about my camera.

“Is that thing on?”

“Dude,” I say. “It’s hanging around my neck and it’s not pointed at you.”

“Right, yeah, okay then,” he whispers, drawing me closer.

“Yes, there was a pool and your man Devolin?”

“Yes, yes?” I asked.

“Barry was 99-1,” says my new found friend.

“That’s pretty harsh,” I said, chuckling.

“Have you ever heard him speak French?” chuckles Harley (his not, not, ┬ánot for sure real name!)

“No, we live in Haliburton,” I said. “You speak French in the Highlands and they put you on a watch list.”

“Well Barry speaks French a little better than my grandkid, Sean, who’s in third grade french Immersion,” says Harley.

“Does Barry tip?”

“What do you mean?” asks Harley.

“Well, like has he ever tipped you for opening the door?”

“Oh god no,” laughs Harley. “We can’t take tips.”

“So they don’t offer you a tip for opening the door?” I ask.

“Shit no!” says Harley. “We don’t open the door. Screw them. For $150,000 per annum?

“They can open their own fecking doors!”

Well, enjoy the video and there are no incriminating pics or my new friend Harley on it.

Barry. Tip the roadies once in a while.

That goes for all of you NDPers and Libs.