[Video] It might get loud? Oh it got loud baby – at the Rogers Centre – and at the Northern Lites

The Edge texted me – but alas I was covering Regina and Archibald at the Northern Lites in Haliburton

By Seamus Obradaigh – Music Editor – July 11-2011

Neil Davidson from the Canadian Press was lucky enough to be among those shouting throngs last night. At the Rogers Centre in TO.

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I shook off Texts from The Edge - sci-fi thriller or Dr. Who episode? - to attend our own world premier here in Haliburton! Jocelyn Regina and David Archibald. Although I did hear that the lads put om quite a show. Photo by Joe Theisman.

Bono, now recovered from that mysterious lower lumbar ailment that grounded U2’s gig mid session last year. They apparently, according to Neil and every other critic I’ve read, made up for their hasty tour cancellation with a seminal under the stars performance at Rogers last nite.

I was supposed to be there.

Alas, although The Edge implored me to go – we met on the set of “It Might get Loud” a lovely HBO guitar player doc starring Edge, Jimmy White and Jimmy Page – I had to beg off.

“WTF? Not coming?” That was the text I received from Edge. I texted back: “Sry! At concert w/ Regina and Archibald!”

Back came the text: “Who the fuck? Regina and Archibald?!”

“Never you fucking mind and hv a good one!” Lame reply, but I had promised Gav I would take a few pics and a video of the soundcheck at the Northern Lites Pavilion of the Performing Arts here in Haliburton.

Screw it. U2 will be back. Heaven knows if we’ll be lucky enough to partake in another show featuring two very stellar perfomers from right here in the bosom of the Highlands.

But for the record here’s me lovely Neal Davidson pouring forth with froth. Nay gushing at Ireland’s boys – back home again in Canada.

We say that only because Bono is making a ubiquitous pest of himself of late. Stepping out with His Hairness Stephen Harper and sitting in for CBC hosts for an enviro set piece.

We love you Bono. But get off that fucking soap box and sing fer chrissakes!

Lay down that cause and pick up your axe me boyo! Kiss yer mother. And. Sing dammit sing.

For the record comes Davidson from his catbird EZ Chair at Rogers. Goodo Neil.

TORONTO – U2 rocked the Rogers Centre on Monday night, kicking off the penultimate Canadian show of its record-breaking tour with “Even Better Than the Real Thing.”

The band came on stage one by one, with Bono, sleek in black, the last to emerge.

“Give me one more chance, and you’ll be satisfied,” sang the 51-year-old Irishman as he opened with a selection from 1991’s “Achtung Baby.”

“Come on now Hogtown,” he yelled at one point during the opener.

Bono strapped on a guitar for the next song, “The Fly.”

The sold-out show drew a crowd pegged by promoters as 60,000-plus to the domed stadium on a warm night as the Irish band made up for a date a year ago that was cancelled due to Bono’s back injury.

Forecasts of thundershowers initially kept the roof on tight, but the crowd cheered as the roof began to open at 7 p.m. ET. The band also played under the stars when it visited the venue in September 2009.

The so-called Claw — which stands 50 metres high over the open circular stage and houses lighting, speakers and other electronics — was positioned at the north end of the stadium, covering what is usually the Blue Jays’ outfield.

The antenna atop the Claw poked near the packed away roof, well above the Jays’ World Series pennants.

Underneath, an unadorned circular stage connected to an outer ring with three bridges — like an inverted peace symbol. Fans jammed inside the circle with more on the outside, with little room left to move on the stadium floor.

Above the stage, a circular video screen beamed the show taking place underneath in a size fitting to the supersized venue.

The “360 Degree Tour” is in its third leg, having originally started on June 30, 2009, in Barcelona. The first leg saw stops in Toronto and Vancouver.

The second leg, shortened by Bono’s back surgery, was last year.

And on for another page or two gushes young Neil.

And that’s okay. They’re a brave band of rebels, u2.

Up the Republic.

And go home. Now.

It’s fecking late.

No lighted explosions and no pedaled edge to bring that wonderful whirring stun to the stage atNorthern Liteson a bonnie Monday evening in Haliburton. Watching a more laid back duet. Jocelyn Regina and Davey Boy Archibald.

But a pleasant enough evening, to be sure.

This text from The Edge at the end of the show.

“There son. I think we repaid those fickle bastards in Toronna. Send me the video of yer fecking concert! Wanker!”

I did him one better. I gave him the You Tube linkage. Of the dress. Awaiting his review.

My review? It’s here on the site.

Please read it and watch the few videos I put up. And remember the name.

What? Father and Mary. Not U2 you wankers. Regina. She’s the young one you’ll want to remember.

Archibald and U2? Ah they’re very  good, but old news.

Jocelyn Regina. her own music. Stole both shows.

So, I’ll play a little U2 when I write that review. And you’ll find it just ahead of this one on www.haliburtonnews.ca … where we cover the county! And so much more!

Get me at seamus@pardontheeruption.com. Twitter? Hah! That’s for Editors of the new milennium. (sic I hate that fucking word!)