Brother of Afghan President Karzai killed by bodyguard

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Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, says: "What's that? My brother? Is what? Jeeves. Please the Limo! Warm up my jet Jeeves - weze heading for the territories! Pilot! Set a course for Orlando! I'm going to Disneyworld!" I looked up obsequious motherfucker in my on line funk and wagnalls.This is what came back. Photo by Darryl Sittler.

Ten years after Afghanistan is still a big fat failure – time to redesign the game plan

By Terrance Gavan – Editorial

Afghanistan = one big clusterfuck.

And there’s really no other way to describe it.

On cross country checkup last Sunday we had no Rex Murphy and a moribund topic.

God I forget. It was so abysmal I actually forget the topic.

I am guessing that it had something to do with our troop withdrawal.

I listened with interest as naive Canadians stepped lively to ensure via the host that they were all “on Board” with our troops.

The more obsequious toadies phoned with stories of bravery, infrastructure building and schools for the girls.

The majority phoned in with the detritus of our common heritage. Too polite to say shit even when we’re knee deep in it.

One young ex-trooper – no doubt fighting off the ravages of PTSD – said it was about time we showed the world what Canadian troops were made of. Namby pamby powder blue be damned.

“We’re fighting men and that’s what we should be doing,” said this young past-soldier. “Look at Rwanda.” I looked at Rwanda and the most disturbing thing I saw?

A general so mentally dismembered that he resorted to cutting himself. Ain’t war a great thing?

This young kid said “blah, blah, blah… boots on the ground!” Yeah well lovely.

I support the troops.

I don’t support the rhetoric and the military industrial complex that starts these fucking wars. The US military is big business. Why do you think they’ve been at war constantly since WW2?

Because. It’s their business. War is the solid export upon which America hangs its collective hat.

I make widgets. If perchance widgets go out of style?

I am broke. So I make Widget 98. Then I make widget 2000. I follow that up with?… Oh shit why not? The iWidget.

Can ye ken? What the fuck I’m getting at?

Without war. That big US colossus and all those generals are … legless, widgetless and perhaps most important?

They are peckerless. No bone to pick as it were.

Here’s what we’ve done in Afghanistan troops. Yes all you Canadian troops and lovers thereof.

Here’s the news today. Courtesy of the Gob and Flail.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, the controversial king of Kandahar and younger half-brother of the Afghan president, was shot dead by one of his bodyguards on Tuesday.

The assassination sent shock waves through the country, throwing into doubt the already brittle stability of Kandahar province where the Taliban have murdered dozens of police officers and government officials over the last two years.

Do ye ken what I’m getting at?

The business of the US is war. We have to stop runningf willy nilly into the fray.

Just because some asshole named Colin Powell appears at an emergency meeting with a few crayon drawings of weapons of mass destruction.

That’s not a widget General Powell. That’s a child’s fucking doodle.

If we had a government – and we don’t have a LIberal or a Tory or an NDP leader extant – willing to set its own path?

We might have a chance.

That’s not what I heard on cross country check up – no Rex Murphy – last Sunday on CBC Radio.

I heard a lot of people confused about the nature of war.

Not one jived to the fact that war is basically a last resort.

I heard one old fossil groan and grunt about the brave men who fought in WW 2. Korea.


My father fought in WW2.

Know why?

God! Shit and pestilence! I wish this was self-evident for those boots on the ground toadies. And those old soldiers still moaning about lack of respect for the military.

I heard it! Do you remember? I heard it from me old da’s lips! On a Remembrance Day no less!

They fought. Dear friends.

“So that their sons and daughters would not have to go to war.”

Remember that the next time someone takes you to task with that ubiquitous old standbye: “Wahhhhhh!! See! You don’t support our troops!” Yeah well fuck you! I don’t support the war! So quit carping red herrings! (Hee! see what I did there? It’s funny. Think about it.)

We did not fight so that some flaccid-peckered US General could get a hard on.

That’s just another widget he’s holding in his hand folks.

And the Catholics are right.

Fool around with that widget enough?

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