Jason Brough on Cody Hodgson and the future? Not Nostradamus

Nice dingly little piece by blogger and writer Jason Brough. Haliburton’s Cody Hodgson’s fate is always a hot topic. On this site as well. We love our hockey in Haliburton.

Thanks for this J.B.

From the blog of Jason Brough

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And that, my friends, is what you call search engine optimization.

But seriously, how does Hodgson fit into the Canucks’ future? Because it’s not very clear right now.

Yeah, yeah, he’s only 21 years old and it’s not like his entire career path has to be carved in stone. To which I’d respond, don’t you think Hodgson is wondering the same thing?

Put yourself in his shoes. You were the 2009 CHL Player of the Year. Top scorer in the World Juniors. Drafted the same year as Steven Stamkos, Drew Doughty, Luke Schenn, Tyler Myers, Erik Karlsson, And so far you’ve only played 20 games in the NHL, scoring once and adding two assists in limited ice time, most of it on the fourth line.

Not only that, you’re a centre and your team is stacked down the middle. Henrik Sedin isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Ryan Kesler. Manny Malhotra is signed for two more years. So is Maxim Lapierre.

Maybe you could move to the wing — you tried it out in Manitoba — but what are the chances you’ll be able to crack the top six in Vancouver? And if you can’t, what then? Back to grinding it out with the pluggers and if you’re lucky a few seconds on the power play?

Oh, and your coach might not like you. So you’ve got that to think about, too. (KB: Stirring it up.)

On the bright side, you’ve got a general manager in Mike Gills that has an interest in seeing you succeed (although he’s got a pretty good track record of letting the coach do the coaching) and an opportunity to show your stuff early next season while Mason Raymond recovers from a serious back injury.

Be sure to check in with the KB all summer as we generate easy internet traffic speculate on the future of Canucks prospect Cody Hodgson.

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