Ron Hisey – Ron the Bus Driver wins prestigious Impact Award

By Terrance Gavan – Editor in Chief

Clearing the decks here after my quick transition from writer to baloney blogger and I came across an egregious omission. I have been hoarding a video since June 14.

That night Bus Driver Ron (Hisey) won the Hal High Red Hawk Impact Award at the annual Sports Banquet.

I don’t know Ron that well. I’ve seen him on the road at hockey and football games.

He’s an alert spectator. A smiley guy.

That’s my best compliment Ron.

It doesn’t match the tribute paid to him on June 14th at the Red Hawk Awards night.

Ron you couldn’t be there and school secretary, Jackie Mayhew wanted to ensure that you got to see this; so here it is.

All the best from and of course all the best from your many friends.

And of course Ron?

It was too dark to film it. But you received a standing ovation.

Which I’m sure you’d get on every road trip with Red Hawk Teams.

Except that there’s a rule:  “No standing while the bus is in motion!”

Good on ya’ Ron. Congrats. And I apologize that this was so late. and