Duchene is back and Hodgson too – double dip for Haliburton


By Terrance Gavan

Trade time in the NHL.

Always an exciting time of the year.

Just ask the talking, twittering and testosterone filled pundits over to the TSN – you know, that ubiquitous Canadian cable channel where the T stands for The.

TSN is TMI at this time of year.

Too Much Information. Delivered by a passel of yapping chihuahas who must refrain from double dosing on Red Bull and Starbucks Espresso Grandes.

We’re in Haliburton. We got our own concerns.

Two favorite sons, Matthew Duchene and Cody Hodgson, have been churning a twister of news all on their own.

On Monday, Hodgson was called up for the second time in three weeks from Canuck AHL affiliate Manitoba Moose. Somewhat unexpected but a wise choice for the Canucks who need some pop apart from the Sedin connection.

Thing is. Patrick, erstwhile editor in chief of the County Voice – we cover the county baby – and I were informed of Hodgson’s imminent call up on Friday afternoon in McKecks.

Andrew Hodgson dropped by our seat to chastise me and parlay some info regarding his nephew.

Andrew told us that Cody would be getting the call and damn if he wasn’t right.

The blandishment I received was also perfect.

“Last week you called him a Haliburton cottager,” said Andrew, staring directly into the wilting blue eyes of your agent. “He was born here and he started playing hockey here.”

And point taken Andrew. So from now on, Cody will simply be – along with resident and Colorado Av’s star Matthew Duchene – a “favorite son.”

And speaking of favorites. My two McKecks bets bets remain the Cody Burger and the Matt Quesadillas, and while I feel that the Cody is wonderful, I can’t help feeling that Matt’s chicken thingy is healthier.

And on that note we head over to Hurricane Matt Duchene who has been nursing a hand injury for just over a week.

Matt was expected to pop back into the line-up last Tuesday against the St. Louis Blues.

The line-up, for the Av’s looks a little different.

As Canadian Press reported: “First, Colorado swapped one scuffling goaltender for another, picking up Brian Elliott from the Ottawa Senators for Craig Anderson. Then, the Avalanche acquired defenceman Erik Johnson, the top pick in the 2006 draft, and Jay McClement from the St. Louis Blues for rising youngsters Chris Stewart and Kevin Shattenkirk.”

Duchene missed two games and until that point he hadn’t missed a single game, an oddity for the injury-riddled Avs who have dropped to second last place in the western division.

The Av’s are in a 10-game skid, the longest winless streak since the franchise moved to Denver prior to the 1995-96 season.

“Sometimes in this league, when it rains it pours,” Duchene told CP after practice Monday. “Half of them we played pretty good hockey and could’ve won the games. It’s disappointing.

“It’s hard to be detached from (the team) and have to sit in the background and watch it. But it’s good to be back.”