Hockey Hawks girls looking toward playoffs

By Terrance Gavan – Editor Blogs and such

We now have to redefine our conceptualization of high school hockey in the Highlands.

Time was, Haliburton High hockey was confined to snuggly niche.

Varsity boys hockey lived for years in a cocoon.

And now?

Well, we got Red Hawk Hawkey, a phrase coined by Hal High principal Dan Marsden who also coaches, with Vince Duchene and Bruce Griffith, the girls hockey team.

This is a lovely story folks.

A team in their first season.

Anchored by a really really talented base of solid players.

But paced by a core group of girls who have actually been playing together as a club team for many many years.

Sam Tallman, jessica Duchene, Megan AQllore and Julia Fedeski bulwark this talented squad.

But every single member of the team connects on the ice.

And now the girls, with a 3-2 victory over TASS last week, along with the boys, may be heading into the playoffs.

The girls will need a win on Tuesday, Feb. 15 in Cobourg if they plan on earning a berth outright.

If they lose or tie it will take a combination of events and some other teams to fail before a berth is secure.

But whatever the outcome, the Hawkey Hawks have certainly acquitted themselves well to date.

The guys finished their season in first place and it looks like the girls, may have a chance to nail down that berth.

Hawks hockey now taking on a whole new persona here in the Highlands.


Go Hawks!