Rocky Monster Horror Show gets straight A’s

By Terrance Gavan-  no not sports – but lovely!

Rocky Monster Horror Show

Northern Lights Pavilion

Directed by Kelsey Curry

Stage manager Molly Thurston

Choreography by Nikki Reddering

Boy did I luck out.

I don’t get time to do many plays this time of year.

But last Friday that all changed when I snapped at the chance to cover Elke Zilla’s Grade 11 drama class’s  final exam.

You won’t catch me covering an algebra or trig final, but hey, jab me in the arm with an askance glance to dance to the ineffable and unforgettable refrains from one of the truly iconic cult films of the 80s and 90s and I’m there baby.

With bells.

Now, this uptake on the indefatiguable classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show was trimmed for time, circumstance, nuance, local color and orchestral substance, but other than that it was a delicious romp through the mind of some true loony tunes.

If music be the food of love? Hell give me Time Warp and I’ll take the Dr. Atkins Diet.

Music, crazy music, is what moves the play.

The story is secondary… the dance remains profundo.

Say what?

Rocky Monster Horror Show was funny as hell.

Pure and simple.

And the cast?


The narrator Angelina Sherbakov was perfunctory and smart. She gave us the story of a crazy former rocker, professor Fenton played apoplectically by the talented Keith Burley.

Fenton relies on his crazy housekeeper Mrs. Danvers to keep the place sane. Unfortunately Danvers – played to the hilt by Nikole Wingrove – is suffering from some personality disorders. She’s a Jeep in a roomful of Escalades. The collisions are manic and delicious.

Fenton has inherited the Frankenstein mansion in Arkham County, in the backwoods of Haliburton. He recruits twin crazies, scientific interns, Daniel Stoker (John Salvatori) and Rebecca Shelley (Sylvia Jennings) to help him with his research.


Well, because the idiot Igor (Morgan Everitt) – inherited with the mansion – has trouble remembering his name and is a vapid klutz. Which doesn’t stop him from stumbling all over the plot line, which has become overrun with double-entendres and verbal pratfalls.

Salvatori and Everitt are priceless in their separate roles as nerd and zombie respectively. Salvatori’s hair alone was worth the price of admission.

And of course the whole play goes sideways when the late Dr. Frankenstein’s children – read monsters – Mungo (Travis Stephen – a hoot) and Elsa (Carol-Anne Gautreau – a hoot too) are revived by a freakish bolt of lightning.

Baby Fenton (Reddering) and Scary Fenton (Liz Toth) are hilarious as the spoiled kids of the mad as a hatter Dr. Fenton.

Music was the cog that churned the plot of the original Rocky Horror show.

And the music played the same integral role in this Frankenzilla production.

The mansion erupts as villagers gather for a night of rock and roll.

Elvis lives, and Dr. Fenton is joined again with his old bandmates, who may or may not be dead.

Arkham County is consumed by craziness and perhaps a visit from some anti-matter and accompanying explosion.


I’ve been playing Sweet Transvestite on a loop since Friday night. And I’ve downloaded the Rocky Horror soundtrack to my iPhone.

Ah hell Mrs Zilla!

Give em all an A!