Hawks hockey – Bam slamma’ jamna’ and the art of simplicity

By Terrance Gavan

For seven years I listened to Wayne Fleming – University of Manitoba Bisons hockey coach – preach the good gospel. (Please don’t do the math – all I got was a meager B.A. in Political Studies with minors in English, History and UMZOO Pub)

Nothing too spiritual. Three emphatic words. “Body, body, body!”

Just his way of telling the Bisons to keep eyes on the prize. Simple enough strategy to allow the Flemmer to capture Olympic Gold as an assistant with Canada back at Salt Lake.

What’s this got to do with the Haliburton High Red Hawks?

Good question.

Quite simply. Keep it simple stupid. KISS.

That’s what the Hawks been doing on their way to amassing an 8-0 kawartha league record; and that’s what they did again on Tuesday (Jan 18) while laying a 6-1 tattoo on St. Thomas Aquinas Titans, on the road in Lindsay.

Nothing too tacky or involved said co-coach Bruce Griffith by phone last Tuesday.

“We checked well, kept the puck moving,” said Griffith.

But here’s the thing. There is art in restraint. And grace in austerity.

It’s what Griffith and coach Ron Yake have been preaching all season long.

Of course it helps to have the horses too.

And hawks are proving, through a dedicated non-reliance on any one pivot point that many hands contribute to the functioning whole.

Hawks spread it around again on Tuesday with a pair of goals from Scotty Griffith and singles from Brett and Brandon Yake, Aaron Hillier and Mark Vasey.

Andrew Elia earned praise from Griffith for his workmanlike efforts in the crease.

Other than that?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Chase the puck.

Oh… and “body, body, body.”

Overtime: The Hawks are off for exams and return in February. gav@pardontheeruption.com or twitter.com/terrancegavan.