Hockey icon Scotty Morrison named Highlander of the Year

Ian Scotty Morrison, a hockey legend, and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame – inducted in the same years as Wayne Gretzky – has always advocated for the “little guy.”
Once, as chief of officials, one of the National Hockey League suits took him to task for bringing in officials that were, ahem, short in stature.
He was referring to Scotty’s investment in one Ray “Scappy” Scapinella.
Scotty in his role as the NHL’s head knock in charge of officiating, said that he would stay with Scappy, and continue to choose officials according to their abilities; judgement, game management and the je ne sais quoi qualities that allowed Scappy to go on to fluorish as one of the NHL’s most respected officials and become one of the legends of the game.
Scapinella and Scotty Morrison are great friends today; and co-members of the venerable Hall of Fame.
Scotty was put in charge of finding a new home for the Hall of Fame in Toronto and he retired from official duties as Vice President of the hallowed hall and remains one of the stewards of the Stanley Cup to this day.
Scotty Morrison brings that same drive and verve and vigor to his volunteer work for Haliburton’s Community Care.
Haliburton County Chamber of Commerce named Morrison Highlander of the Year last Saturday evening at their annual awards gala at the Pinestone Resort and Golf Club.
Morrison said it was an unexpected honor and vowed that he would serve as an ambassador of goodwill and bonhomie in the upcoming year.
He told me after the awards that it was “unexpected” and added that it was a role he would be taking very seriously.
In his acceptance speech he told a packed house at the Pinestone Ballroom that when his beloved wife Joannie was stricken with Alzheimer’s – Joan died in the spring of 2009 – friends from Toronto had asked if he could not find better support for her in the city.
“I told them that we were staying in Haliburton,” said Morrison.
It’s his home now.
His work at Community Care, an agency that cares for the elderly and infirm here in the county, he undertakes with a hands’ on professionalism.
He organizes his charity hockey tourney each year – this year’s tournament begins the first weekend in February – and this year he is involved in the organization of the Winterfest Senior Games hockey tourney.
We’ll have an in depth stry in the County Voice this week.
Until then kudos to the Chamber. They got it right.
Scotty Morrison has been and will continue to be a great ambassador for the County of Haliburton Highlands.
And that executive who told him to hire bigger officials?
Can’t tell you what he’s doing today.