Openeing Day at Sir Sam’s

Sir Sam’s schusses into ski season
By terrance Gavan
Some Highlands’ chiropractors may be staring at a diminishing client base and bottom line this winter.
   Many aging ski and snowboard instructors, moms and dads, and grandpas and grandmas could be eschewing the bone cruncher this winter – all because of a new Italian-designed people mover.
   No more stooping over four-year-old Junior or Duchess on the old backbreaking handle tow.
   No more stooping to pick Junior or Duchess out of harm’s way after another fall off the old rope midway into the journey.
   Of course bad news for the back crunchers means good news for beginner skiers and boarders at Sir Sam’s popular Ski Area.
   One tired old board and ski instructor took a ride up the new lift last Saturday on opening day, Saturday Dec 11.
   Elton John was playing in the plexiglass tunnel and the ride up the moving rubber sidewalk was seamless.
   In this newest version of the old “magic-Carpet” skiers simply walk on until skis engage and then ride up until the rubber delivers the skis to a snowbound exit jetty.
   Boarders are asked to keep one foot strapped to the board with the back foot out. The ejectory progression is just as simple with the boarders simply sliding off the moving rail and onto the snowy platform.
   Stage one of the lift delivers clients to lower Cash Register or the Bunny Hill, both terrains excellent for beginner classes.
   Ski School director Dave Webb is ecstatic about the new options and he’s pretty confident that the lift will provide Sir Sam’s with access to less frustrating lesson plans.
   Beginner snowboarders and young skiers often found the handle tow unwieldy and difficult.
   The new lift’s purpose is twofold.
   It gives easy access to usable terrain and it also moves people to the top of the hill very quickly.
   It replaces the old rope two and the aging T-bar and once stage two of the lift is reay, it will also give increased access to the front side runs like Banana and Lovers Lane.
   Last Saturday the reviews were great.
   Especially for the younger set who will be using the lift for easy access to terrain fixtures, rails and jumps.
   It will also facilitate access during race days and snowboard and ski-cross events on the Banana Run.
   The resort open for it’s Christmas schedule on Saturday December 18 and it’s open every day (except Christmas) until  to Sunday January 9.
   After that the ski area is open Wednesday to Sunday every week.
   Manager Chris Bishop says that the resort will be offering a number of great deals on opening week.
   “We’re opening with pre-Christmas 50 percent savings for our guests,” says Bishop.  The deals apply to lift Tickets, daily lessons, ski &and snowboard rentals from Dec. 18-24.
   Webb suggests that parents interested in the Christmas kids development camps should probably get in touch with the ski school ASAP.
   Webb says the school is running a five day camp for kids and beginners – all ages and categories – from Dec 27 to January 1.
   Webb added that the hill and ski school is also preparing for the Winterfest Senior Games in February. The hill will play host to the seniors slalom events.
   The Sir Sam’s Ski Challenge registration is slated for Saturday, Jan 7 and the season’s first race happens on Sunday, Jan. 8.
   Forecast is calling for a lot of snow just in time for the Christmas week opening on Saturday.
Find Sir Sam’s or phone at 705-754-2298.