Hawks Hockey? She shoots, she scores!

Girls and guys hockey seasons commingle
Terrance gavan – Voice Sports – editor Hal Sport’s pages
Jillian Mayhew played superbly in a home opening 5-3
victory over Adam Scott at Dysart Arena. Gav Photo

Exploring possibilities.

This year the NHL Hall of Fame did just that when they named two women – Angela Davis and Cammie Granato – to the Hall of Fame.
Big step.
Hearkening on that seminal event, movers and shakers at Haliburton Highlands Secondary this year embarked on a much anticipated and long awaited journey.
Young women in our local high school now have a “league of their own.”
Hal High entered its first team in the Kawartha Girls Hockey League back in September.
Last Wednesday afternoon the girls won their inaugural home opener 5-3 against the visiting Adam Scott Lions. They’re 1-1 on the season – following a 5-0 loss to Holy Cross in Peterborough.
Hawks scored three shorthanded goals and received an outstanding performance from their goaltender Jillian Mayhew.
The ‘Ladyhawkes’ are now 1-1 on the season. Sam Tallman and Julia Fedeski scored two goals apiece.
Strong start for a young team, still learning to play together.
It’ll be a season of firsts and a bellwether for hockey in the Highlands.
Not just because it gives local girls who eschew spiked toes for round bladed Tackaberries a forum for their talents.
But because young girls growing up in the hockey-mad Haliburton Highlands will have an option to pursue high caliber shinny right here at home.
With high school hockey comes exposure to scouting; university hockey; and that pervasive possibility of Olympic Gold.

The Kawartha High School Girl’s Hockey League will perchance toil in semi-obscurity for the nonce, overshadowed by a plethora of hockey venues available in this gentle frozen niche of God’s Harsh Hectare.
But this one small pinprick of light at the end of a once untrammeled tunnel is providing impetus to the young girls growing up.
Oh. Remember that a small buoyant light in a tunnel usually means that CN freight train is headed your way. So? Clear the track Eddie Shack.
Points of light. Goals and opportunities.
Hockey crazy girls in grade 4 and 5 and 6 can aspire today; can dream of suiting up for the Red Hawks.
Believe it.
Women’s hockey is here to stay.
It will survive in spite of slightly misogynist rumblings and harsh rhetorical bupkis emanating from fat, obsequious, overstuffed, lugubrious Luddite toadies that run the International Olympic Committee and the IIHF (Int. Ice Hockey Federation).
The IOC and the IIHF would like to remove women’s hockey from the Olympics citing a lack of balance.
Geez good thing the IOC brain trust weren’t around when lumberjacks out of Trail, BC were beating the crap out of the best Germany, Russia and Italy had to offer in the 40s.
No. Thankfully women’s hockey will survive the congenital idiots and faux aristocracy of the IOC and the IIHF because there are girls in Canada and around the world who are willing to get up at 6 am and trudge over to their local arena.
Women’s hockey will survive because little girls dream.
And women’s hockey will survive because of supportive coaches like Dan Marsden, Bruce Griffith and Vince Duchene.
The triumvirate of Marsden (HHSS principal), Griffith (HHSS coach and teacher) and Duchene (dedicated volunteer and survivor of many a road trip with son Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avs) have invested no small amount of time since September to ensure that the Red Hawks girls hockey team transition from club team to Kawartha League participant is seamless.
They took a giant leap of faith this year and I’m thinkin’ that it’s already paying dividends; and providing solace and grace for young girls who may sleep every night under a poster of Stamkos or Sid the Kid or Hayley Wickenheiser.
I was at the Legion Public Speaking day in Wilberforce last winter and heard a young girl speak of her own vision.
Her dream? Scoring a winning goal for Team Canada in the Olympics.
A young girl who grew up idolizing number 4 Bahhbby Orr.
I was impressed by her enthusiasm, not just for the game, but for the possibilities inherent.
She was devoted to the sport. And now she will have an opportunity to grow and develop and possibly join the Red Hawks as she moves forward in her education and through her own hockey progression.
Springboards, head starts and dedication to goals.
I was there for that inaugural home game last week at the old Dysart Barn.
They played under banners proclaiming a proud history of Haliburton hockey success.
This year they’ll have a chance to add to those banners and the lore inherent.
What am I saying?
They already have… embarked.
Get ready for that beautiful alliterative, “she shoots, she scores.”
Better yet. Get out and watch this young Red Hawk club.
Bring your daughters and your sisters.
Dreams start here.
And end?
That’s what’s nice about dreams.
They never end.