Red Hawk wrestlers takedown some medals

By Terrance Gavan – Voice Sports
They toil in anonymity.
   Takedowns and holds.
   Leverage is a big part of the wrestling game.
   And leverage – unless you happen to be an aficionado of the Grecian grapple – is an intangible.
   Leverage is not like a breakaway in hockey, a dipsy-doodle whoop to hoop, or a sack in football.
   Leverage is … well … hard to quantify really.
   It’s quick hands, quick feet, quick study, and quick knee jerk response.
   It’s smart, dynamic, and at its heart leverage relies upon the time-honored physics conundrum about irresistible forces and unmovable objects.
   But in wrestling theoretical physics takes a back seat to the more fragrant “bigger they are – harder they fall” rule of objects in motion.
   Call it grace under fire. Takedowns are exciting. Seldom seen. There’s the rub.
   Paul Klose and Dan Faulkner coach the Haliburton High Red Hawks’ wrestling team, and they are used to their spot in the hierarchy.
   Most of their work is done on the road. At venues well off the beaten track.
   Last week they took their teams to Kenner and Ajax for some serious early season competition.

   “We had two tourneys last week on Wednesday and Thursday and all of our wrestlers did okay and we’re happy with the results,” said Klose last Monday. “Overall it’s a pretty young team some returning vets nice to have that leadership.”
   Maia O’Sullivan, Dylan Graham, Cody Cox, Gage Shelley, Mike Mazara, Bailey Walker, and Tara O’Sullivan took home gold medals. Mazara had no one in his weight class but Klose said that they did set up some exhibition matches for Mazara who was one of the up and coming young stalwarts on the wrestling team last year.
   “Our Women’s team got first overall at the Ajax tournament,” said Klose, a result that speaks well for the team’s overall chances this year.
   The Hawks will be hosting a huge 250 competitor tourney right here in Haliburton on Thursday Dec 16.
   Klose said that it’s quite an all-encompassing undertaking, but that both guys and girls teams and coaches are revved about being able to showcase their talents at home for a change.
   So if you’ve never had an opportunity to watch these finely tuned athletes compete, bookmark that date on your calendars.
   And get your butts to the High School next Thursday.
   Last week’s Tournament results:
Kenner Wrestling Tournament (Dec 1)
   Gold Medal – Gage Shelly (51 kg), Cody Cox (54 kg), Dylan Graham (UNL)
   Bronze Medal – Keith Burley (77 kg), Tayler Dair (UNL)
   Fourth place – Matt Vieira (67.5 kg), Nichole Honderich (47.5 kg),  Chris Hall (57.5 kg), Anthony Nesbitt (41 kg) , Tom Paul (64 kg), Megan Tompos (UNL)
Ajax High School Wrestling Tournament (Dec 2)
   Gold Medal – Maia O’Sullivan (54 kg), Mike Mazara (54 kg), Bailey Walker 47.5 kg), Tara O’Sullivan (57.5 kg),
   Silver Medal – Kayla Gardiner (44 kg)
   Bronze Medal – Lily Coneybeare (67.5 kg), Caitlyn Griffin (51 kg), Greg Baumgartner (72 kg)
   Fourth place – Zane Zondervan (77 kg), Liz Toth (67.5 kg)
   The HHSS Women’s Wrestling Team placed first at the Ajax tournament.