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Colorado Avalanche forward Chris Stewart prior...Image via Wikipedia Stewart out with busted hand.

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I’m in Edmonton for the Grey Cup so will be attempting to get results and scorers from the events that went last week.
First congratulations to the Hawks hoopsters who are starting strong this year.
Henri Matisse, Self-Portrait in a Striped T-sh...Image via Wikipedia Sdelf portrait Henri Matisse.Their win over PCVS and two close losses, loquacious earmarks for the club’s chances this season.
Meanwhile the Hal High Hockey club started their season with a very strong 9-3 win over Lakefield College.
The Hawks will play a tournament in Ottawa beginning on Monday. Playoffs continue Tuesday and those results and more will be in the Voice next Thursday.
Keep an eve out for the Voice … your place for Haliburton Sports.
Temperatures are great in Edmonton and because this is a high school sports site we thought that we could share that we will be attending the Henri Matisse exhibit at the Gallery today. 
Our teacher from Beausejour has convinced us (all 7) to accompany him.
We agreed to do this if he promises to put his vuvezela away.
Attended the Oiler game Saturday night, but probably picked the wrong night.
The evening prior, Matt Duchene put his stamp on the game with a goal and an assist.
The Avs lost 3-2.
Bad news tonight. Chris Stewart the Avs leading scorer got into a fight and damaged his left hand … lost for an as yet undisclosed period of time.
That will put further pressure on the Avs youngsters and Sacco will have to perform some rehabilitative surgery to stitch together a few lines.
Reminder that yes, people do get hurt in hockey fights and it’s never a good idea.
Especially frowned on when you’re a bona fide sniper and in a pretty lively Northwest Division race with the Canucks.
Back to the Red Hawks.
Girls Hockey home opener is at the Dysart Arena on Thursday afternoon.
Bothe junior and senior basketball teams are playing and the wrestling team is gearing up for another eventful season.
Stay tuned to the blog and sports pages of the Voice for results.
In other events, the Haliburton Curling Club hosts the Bonny and Clyde mixed spiel beginning on Friday night.

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